Messages Manager: optimize working with Wialon messages in the way you like

Wialon Data Center is one of the world largest M2M telematics platforms, every minute connecting new GPS tracking units. As you know, just recently Wialon Data Center has registered its 200 000th unit, and every day processes around 300 000 messages per minute. Each Wialon Hosting and Wialon Kit user works with GPS tracking units’ data base on a daily basis. And very often receives a whole lot of messages (coordinates, parameters, speed, etc.), as well as SMS-messages from the unit, commands, sent to the unit and events, registered in the unit’s history. With the aim to facilitate working with data base, Gurtam developers created a special application, called Messages Manager, which actually represents an extremely convenient message editor.

Messages Manager — new app developed by Gurtam

Using this app you can manage all types of messages: data, SMS, commands, events — by retrieving them from the data base and reflecting in a tabular form. You can just start the app from Toolz, choose the required unit and set the necessary time frame. The application is available both in Russian and in English. By no means unimportant feature of the new app is the possibility to delete incorrect messages, sometimes getting to the data base. Massages Manager also provides the opportunity to delete the part of history, which due to particular reasons, should not be fixed. New Apps, as well as other Gurtam Apps is available as open source and if necessary can be further developed according to the user’s requirements.

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