Who is the owner of 200 000th unit in Wialon Hosting?

A lot can be said about success and achievements of the company, making compliments to those, who contributed to its development, but there is no point in doing this, because figures speak for themselves! Last summer we celebrated the 100 000th unit in Wialon Hosting, which seemed to be rather a significant accomplishment. However, today, only a year later we can boast a new achievement — the double increase of units, namely the appearance of 200 000 units in Wialon Data Center.

So, who is the owner of the 200 000th unit? Gurtam specialists found out that the hero of the day is our partner from Tolyatti, Wialon-Service.

The team of Wialon-Service - the owner of 200 000th unit in Wialon Hosting

We immediately got in touch with our partner, announcing this wonderful news and congratulating the whole Wialon-Service team with the victory in this so-called «contest». Wialon-Service CEO Maxim Melesha kindly agreed to tell me some facts about their company and answer several questions:

Gurtam: Maxim, a bit of history first. Tell me, please, how did it all begin? How did you build up and develop your business?
Maxim Melesha: The idea of company creation came to us more than 4 years ago. It was rather an adventurous startup. Initially, it was based on kind of sheer enthusiasm. We tried different solutions, developed a business reputation and gained experience. Entirely by accident we learned about a Belarusian company Gurtam. After a month of using a trial version we realized that Wialon is the best solution we saw on vehicle GPS tracking market. Since then we’ve been building our whole business on the bases of Gurtam software. With hindsight I realize how important was to choose the reliable and responsible partner, especially during the starting period, and to develop further as a big united team.

G.: How many people worked with you from the very beginning and what can you say about Wialon–Service team now?
М.М.: Initially there were only 2 people, in several months we took one more employee for the sales manager position, then more and more people came. Business developed and the team grew respectively. Today the company structure looks the following way: sales, technical and marketing departments. In general there are 25 people working at Wialon-Service now, we have branches in Moscow and other Russian cities. In the near future we are also planning to open some new branches.

G.: Maxim, what about your projects today? Which way have you chosen for the company further development? Tell me about your future plans.
М.М.: Today we are working as a service integrator for end-users. Among our customers there are companies involved in absolutely various spheres of activity: cargo traffic and passenger traffic, products supply, cash logistics, security services, agriculture, building, housing and public utilities, etc. We work as wholesale dealers of navigation hard- and software. Our near-term plans include the development of our own Wialon-based software solutions.

G.: And now, let’s remember the story of working with Gurtam. What criteria played a crucial role for you while selecting the right software solution, and why did you finally choose Wialon?
М.М.: We have been working together with Gurtam for more than three years. During this period, due to the high quality of software and our own navigation equipment we managed to optimize the work of vehicle fleets for many companies in Russia and neighboring countries.

If speaking about major criteria for choosing software, we can probably specify the following:

1. Reliability: the system is well-adjusted, during the three years of cooperation there were no any system failures.

2. Compatibility: Wialon is compatible with different types of hardware and navigation systems. (Author’s note: Wialon software solutions supports more than 500 types of GPS and GLONASS devices).

3. Wide range of capabilities: extended functionality, availability of various modules.

4. User-friendly interface: any client can easily comprehend and start implementing the system.

G: Maxim, again, we want to congratulate you and thank you for your contribution to Wialon software solutions development.
M.M.: Thank you, have a nice day!

Here it is another pleasant news in Gurtam life. However, we’re not going to slow down and look forward to the next step – 300 000 units, daily connecting dozens and hundreds of GPS trackers. And once more we give our thanks to our numerous partners all over the world, as well as Gurtam team fir their excellent work, bringing adequate results.

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