Wialon certification in Minsk — apply now

Wialon certification testStarting from July 22, Gurtam officially invites all the partners to pass the certification, organized by our technical specialists for Wialon Hosting managers that will be held in a short time at Gurtam head office in Minsk, and in the near future in Moscow.

Looking back, let’s remember that the first round of certification was organized within the framework of «Telematics 2013. Summer» regional partner conference, recently held in Georgia. Therefore, today five Gurtam partners, who successfully passed the certification exam, have already received their certificates, proving their high professional skills for working with Wialon.

Certification represents a computer test, consisting of 15 questions, for which examinees will be given just 8 minutes. The test will require not only good theoretical background, but extensive practical experience and skills. That’s why, in order to facilitate the execution of this task, it’s allowed to use Wialon documentation.

After successful testing, namely having received 75% of right answers, the specialist receives a special certificate, granted in his name and valid for the period of two years.

Certification becomes the obligatory requirement for all Gurtam partner program participants. So in the near future all partners of our company will have to complete their team with several certified specialists (the number of specialists is defined according to the level in Gurtam partner program). To learn the terms and conditions of certification program in details you can visit the relevant page on gurtam.com.

Certification cost comprises 100 euro. This sum includes only the certification process itself, all the additional expenses (traveling, transfer, accommodation, dining) shall be borne by the partners.

At the moment certification is available only in Russian. The English version will be ready in a short time, just follow Gurtam news. The certification schedule will be drawn up according to the received applications.

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