The art of clever networking by Gurtam

 The art of corporate networking by GurtamCorporate online platforms have long stopped being just corporate, helping other businesses develop their professional environments so they could freely network with each other. The key advantages of such online resources have been successfully transformed into media blog and the company forum, where decision makes meet the users, and the users get to know the first-hand information from experts. The concept of the forum lies in the creation of a professional network, likewise а «social network», where a range of users, segmented by their professional background, can freely share the telematics updates and speak on a number of issues. Within a couple of years the range of users has ramped up to over 18 000, initiating over 4108 topics, and generating 50 000 messages this morning! The advantages of the platform are many; however the key factor is a multi-level approach to solving a range of issues, handled differently by a single support team.

The thing is that having filed a request to the support department of our company you get the qualified assistance of a single specialist, whereas having posted an issue on the forum; you get a range of contributions on the matter. Having done so you get a handful of useful tips from experts of all levels: owners of companies, cartographers and people sharing the same problems. Most of us may be unwilling to recognize the true value of such interactions, though being an alternative source of «technical and informative support»; the forum has connected a lot of users to potential solutions and contacts. Bridging the partners to key users and connecting the arrears to potential solutions are all the great things the forum has done for us. Despite being a «professional Wikipedia» for the many, it has been the source of inspiration for our current and the forthcoming updates.

The active discussions on the forum, if structured into specific topics, are shaping and defining the strategic dynamics of our product. Each day the forum is puffing up with updates, speeding up the successful implementation of Wialon worldwide and spreading the technological change in regions!

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