Tire Pressure Monitoring System based on Wialon Pro

New solution from CAST Engineering  - Tire Pressure Monitoring System based on Wialon ProRecently, we’ve been paying much attention to the development of new Wialon-based applications both by Gurtam specialists and other developers, creating new ultimate solutions for any particular purposes.

But, today I’m going to present an absolutely new solution, created by our partner in Bulgaria, CAST Engineering, representing totally new functionality, based on Wialon Pro.

So, let me introduce TPMSTire Pressure Monitoring System, lately entered to the Bulgarian telematics market. CAST Engineering launched the project on July 15 and claims that this feature is absolutely new, unique and for the moment almost unknown on the market.

Therefore, a new solution really worth paying attention to, so we’ve decided to ask Daniel Kitin, CAST Engineering CEO, to answer several questions:

Gurtam: Why have you decided to create the Tire Pressure Monitoring System? What were the main reasons?

Daniel Kitin: The decision was taken with the idea to provide our customers with one more effective opportunity to save fuel and money. As you may know CAST Engineering Ltd. is mainly operating with fuel level sensors, so, the analysis has shown that if a tire has a pressure 15% less than normal — it causes 10% increasing fuel consumption, and in addition decreases tire lifetime for 30%. So, the effect of our new solution is double: firstly, you save fuel and money, secondly – you prolong tire lifetime (and, again, money). We conducted a simple test: a car with tire pressure of 1,8 bars (for 600 km drive) increased the fuel consumption for 2 liters in comparison with the same car, same route, but the tires with 2,2 bars pressure.

G.: How long did it take you to fulfill this project? Were there any difficulties that you faced?

D.K.: The whole project from the beginning to the «ready for sale» stage, including equipment selection, testing, software development, as well as different technical issues solving took us approximately a year. And now it’s successfully finished and absolutely ready to be introduced to the public.

G.: What in your opinion is the target audience of this solution? Why should it become popular?

D.K.: As the main target group we primarily consider all transportation and forwarding companies, cause namely in this environment the system can return the investments quicker. But, actually, the system started only several weeks ago, so it’s probably too soon to speak about its success on the market, but we consider it to be very likely. We are going to show the system during the International Technical Fair 2013 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which will take place on September 30 – October 6.

Real time pressure monitoring and control in each tire Real time temperature monitoring and control in each tire

To sum up let’s point out the main functions and advantages of the new system.

  • Real time pressure monitoring and control in each tire, including the spare one;
  • Real time temperature monitoring and control in each tire, including the spare one;
  • Alarm messages generating in case of leakage or high-pressure values;
  • Alarm messages generating in case of a high temperature;
  • Generated alarm messages are distributed in a real-time mode to the vehicle cockpit (on a display), via SMS, via e-mail, in a pop-up window;
  • Each alarm message shows the tire position, pressure and temperature;
  • System also warns the user in case of low battery for each tire sensor;

So, you see, the system provides rather significant advantages, such as: fuel saving  – up to 15% (low tire causes high resistance and in the result – high fuel consumption), tire lifetime saving – up to 30% (because 10% low inflated tire has 3 time less life), and it also warns you in case of tire explosion and prevents fire.

Therefore, we congratulate CAST Engineering with a new development and wish the system to be highly successful among the customers.

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  1. Will this system be available to all Wialon users as an App or something of that nature? If so, what equipment is needed for the system to work?

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