Actualizer — a new App by Gurtam

An idea to design an application that would allow the operators to spot the units, which have not responded to the system for a period of time, and to generate tables based on these values, has appeared on the company forum a while ago. According to the newly designed Actualizer the unit’s activity is estimated according to the time of the last message received from it and structured into table with a number of additional options.Actualizer —a new App by Gurtam

The key advantage of this App completely eliminates the necessity of an operator’s manual work of organising the «inactive» objects into a graph himself, since now the application will automatically do that for you.

Before the application was developed, the task of detecting the inactive units has been fulfilled through group reports, containing the «unit latest data» table, which, nonetheless, did not automatically organize the active objects upon the last message interval.

The «connection problems» column also did not satisfy the task, since each veichicle reguired it’s own last message interval paremeter settings.

Actualizer has eliminated a number of difficulties pertaining to the object filters.

For your convenience, information about the last message is represented simultaneously in two forms: based on the date and time of the message and on the time-period of connection loss.

Furthermore, filtration by days can be applied, i.e., you can get a list of units not sending data for a fixed number and more days.

At launching, all available units are displayed in the order beginning form the most «inactive» one. The list of units can be sorted by last message time as well as by name.

Actualizer is not only the tool for data and time optimization, but also a convenient application which will foster the interation with the customers and detect the reason of connection loss.

Our company is grateful for the valuable contributions and suggestiions of a number of forum users.

In order to start using the Actualizer, likewise all other Wialon Applications, you shoud activate the application in CMS Manager settings or via Toolz.

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