Al Wialon in Al Kuwait

Gurtam technical specialist Konstantin Batkin in KuwaitOur company can be clearly called an international one: offices in Minsk, Boston, Vilnius, Moscow; more than 300 000 connected GPS tracking units all over the world; more than 600 partners in 60 countries … and we’re not going to stop. I guess very soon I won’t manage to keep track of all the movements of my colleagues, visiting different international exhibitions, conferences and seminars. However, besides the world largest IT and telematics events, Gurtam specialists, in exceptional circumstances, travel around the world with particular tasks, helping our partners to solve various technical issues.

Today I’ll tell you about one of these exceptional cases, the fascinating trip of Gurtam technical specialist Konstantin Batkin to Kuwait.

Alexandra: Kostya, question number one: why were you sent to Kuwait? What was your task and what company have you visited? You see, it’s a three-in-one question actually.

Konstantin: At the end of Summer, August 18-22, I went on a business trip to Kuwait. There were several tasks for me to do: to help our partner Victory Arch to install the server, configure Wialon Pro software and teach their specialists working with our GPS tracking solution.

А: Kostya, now some words about the company, please. What is Victory Arch?

К: Victory Arch is a company group with rather a long and successful history. It was founded in 1997 and today can be called the leading IT company, providing world-class quality software products, services and solutions for public sector entities, financial organizations, telecommunications companies etc.

А: Sounds impressive. And now, could you tell me about the project, namely for which Victory Arch acquired Wialon Pro and invited you to visit?

К: Yes, the is a project and rather a large one. Victory Arch together with Kuwait Public Transport Company is going to organize the tracking system, monitoring the behavior of school bus drivers, for what they definitely need Wialon Pro. In general the tracking system is needed to control whether the driver closes the bus door, despite the exhausting Kuwait heat, and to monitor whether children «fall out» of the bus only at the exact point of destination:).

А: Kostya, tell me more, please, about your days in Al Kuwait, the capital and the largest city of the country? How did you spend your time?

К: Working hard, cause I really didn’t have much time. First of all, together with local specialists we installed the server, configured the network and I conducted a mini-training course regarding working with Wialon Pro. My audience was a small group of seven people, including the project manager, the head of safety and security department, several programmers and integration specialists. Working with these people was a real pleasure for me, because they were very easygoing, asked a huge pile of questions, and really couldn’t wait to start working with the system. Hot discussions sometimes continued till midnight, though it’s a common thing here in Kuwait, cause only at night this awful heat becomes bearable!

А: I had no any doubt that you would handle all the given tasks brilliantly, but still, what does it feel like? To come to an absolutely unknown country with its own traditions and customs, meet a lot of new people and try to teach them something?

К: It was really a great experience! Firstly, the trip gave me a wonderful opportunity to work with an international company. Their team is completely international, including people from India, Pakistan, Syria, Morocco, Egypt. But at the same time, the environment is very friendly and the work is well coordinated.

А: Kostya, I guess you understand that besides your work there I’m extremely interested in Al Kuwait itself. What is your impression of this city?

К: The city is unique and extremely diverse. It’s a pity that I had so little time, but I’m definitely sure that Al Kuwait is worth visiting as a tourist. The first and the foremost impression of the country in general is the heat. It’s almost impossible to live in this sizzler, so there wouldn’t be life without an conditioner in Kuwait at all! Al-Kuwait is a city of contrasts: small private houses can be found side by side with modern skyscrapers. The architecture is very diverse and extraordinary, sandy color dominates everywhere, contributing to the exceptional atmosphere of the city. This city is a colorful mixture of old Muslim traditions and cutting-edge architecture.

Kuwait harbor, full of modern boats and yachts А: I got that your work at Victory Arch office was really intense. However, tell me, did you manage to see any world famous places?

К: Kind of yes, but you know very briefly. Of cause, I couldn’t help admiring the famous Kuwait Towers, standing on the peak of the Arabian Gulf. Today they are probably the most famous symbol of modern Kuwait. Kuwait has no fresh water resources, even the deepest boreholes are full of salty water. That’s why, besides the aesthetic function of a unique architectural structure, providing the magnificent panorama of the city, the towers perform vitally essential function, supplying the city with water. Also, I managed to see the famous fish market and Kuwait harbor with beautiful modern boats and yachts.

А: Kuwait is a Muslim state, and at the same time very modern secular country, isn’t it?

К: Yes, Kuwait for a long time was a British protectorate that surely left the imprint on the culture and introduced Western traditions. People, especially young people, prefer casual European style, and the older generation of native people often can be seen wearing traditional white dresses. Kuwait is also famous mostly for Libyan cuisine, I was impressed by great diversity of sea foods, herbal tea, and, of cause, sweets. The final day before the departure, after a delightful dinner together with my Victory Arch colleagues, we went to a famous hookah bar, for 20 years run by one owner, who personally meets and welcomes habitual frequenters. It was really crowded there, people were having fun and relaxing. This was the evening of «Barcelona» vs. «Atletico» football game, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to see the result. It was time to go to the airport and get back home.

А: Kostya, thank you very much for your answers and such vivid impressions.

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