Can-Am Trophy Russia 2013: final straight

Can-Am Trophy Russia 2013 finalSeptember 6-8 all the extreme and speed lovers could fully satisfy their thirst for adrenaline, by taking part or at least following Can-Am Trophy Russia 2013 final online.

This time, final third stage of rally was held in the Kirov Region of Russia at the territory of ski resort, where during the hot contest the strongest quad-world representatives were defined, and the fate of the top prize of the whole series – new Can-Am Maverick 1000 – was determined.

Final wouldn’t be the real final without advanced spectacularity and intensity. With this express purpose the organizers prepared several absolutely new special stages of different format. The track length, in general, comprised 1 500 km. Racers faced rather difficult challenge, cause the character of the final race occurred to be extremely tough.

Can-Am Trophy Russia final was marked with two magic numbers: it was the thirteenth quad-race, and its’ regional organizer was Formula 7 club. As you know, sportsmen in the majority of cases are very superstitious, that’s why everyone was absolutely sure that this final stage would bring something special and definitely unforgettable.

The track of the third stage set a serious challenge for racersAnd the organizers did their best to make dreams come true. In order to diversify difficult from navigational point of view, but already habitual woody parts of the track, they established another special high-speed part of the track, where the racers could express all their professional potential and the highest capacities of their iron horses, by riding at maximum speed on the smooth surface of the field roads. No wonder that the special stage got the name «Formula 7», firstly, in honor of the organizers team, secondly, due to its ultra-high-speed character.

The track of the third stage set a serious challenge not only for the drivers, but also for the navigators, cause namely from their professional skills, experience and responsiveness depends the ability of the team to cross the wild roads and sharp turns, scarcely noticeable through the tall grass.

Another important news, adding the element of beauty to the harsh battle of quad racers, was presented by the «Dune race». Having discovered beautiful sand dunes on the riverside, the organizers couldn’t leave such a unique landscape unattended and made all the racers «jump» over the real superfast ramps.

So, a tough struggle broke out: 72 sportsmen came from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Penza, Nizhniy Novgorod and other cities in order to compete for the top prize. The number of challenges didn’t give the bikers a slight chance to relax, even for a minute. Several thousand amateurs and fans gathered to see the contest.

Can-Am Trophy Russia 2013 award ceremonyThough, not everything went so smooth and calm, unfortunately, there were also several technical problems and crashes. Quad-bikes overturned several times, sometimes during the last seconds left before the finish line. Sportsmen weren’t hurt, but tickled the nerves of quad-lovers, following the race, holding their breath.

The spectators could enjoy every single moment of this fascinating performance, captured by the telecommunication sponsor of the event, Radioterminal, which due to Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system and Naviset GT-20 trackers provided online broadcasting of racers’ movements.

According to the results of the third stage of Can-Am Trophy the overall winners of the quad series 2013 were defined. Artem Khayrullin, during all the three stages showing the highest results, became the individual all-round champion. Therefore, a new Can-Am Maverick 1000 went with Artem to Moscow.

It seems to be the end, doesn’t it? The final race is over, we don’t hear the roar of engine and feel the smell of fuel, but as usual there is more to come …Even now it’s time to start preparing to a new season 2014. Quad-movement in Russia is definitely moving into a top gear, and develops from small motorcycle communities to a separate successful kind of sport.

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