GPS hardware exhibition during «Telematics 2013. Autumn»

Standard at the hardware exhibition during Gurtam partner conference "Telematics 2012. Anniversary"Let me introduce one more piece of news regarding the forthcoming «Telematics 2013. Autumn» conference. This year, like the previous one, Gurtam is also planning to conduct GPS and GLONASS hardware exhibition, where the manufacturers will have a chance not only to speak about their innovative developments, but to show them to the conference audience.

Successful experience of last year’s hardware exhibition, which was attended by 11 manufacturing companies, proved that the very idea of such an event is of great current interest for all the conference participants.

Gurtam has always fostered positive business relationships with its partners, who in turn greatly contributed to the development of the whole professional community of the telematics world. What do we have in common? Definitely the drive for the development of our own business, which is directly related to the development of the whole telematics market. That’s why Gurtam conference long ago stopped being just a coterie of Gurtam partners, but a popular international platform for discussion of new trends and market perspectives, as well as presenting the latest ideas, projects, developments and, surely, hardware.

This year exhibition will open its doors on November 21, in one of «Victoria» hotel conference-halls, hosting the conference itself. The manufacturers, willing to take part in the exhibition, will have a chance to present their new vehicle locators, personal trackers, sensors, tachographs and many other devices to the large «Telematics 2013. Autumn» audience, as well as to make a report.

The manufacturers are welcomed to come to Minsk and comfortably accommodate themselves at the hotel on November 20, in order to have enough time to prepare the exhibition stand and have a small rest after a trip. And on November 21, when the exhibition and the official part of the conference will be over, we’ll be glad to see everybody at the gala dinner.

If you want to take part in the exhibition, please, fill out the application form and send it to us at before October 31, cause the number of exhibition stands is limited. We are looking forward to your applications and will be glad to meet you at «Telematics 2013. Autumn» conference.

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