Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system: update dd. 09.16.2013

September 16, I suppose, became the day of the largest Wialon Hosting updates recently:


Transfer from tabular report to messages


The Reports now has a long awaited function of fast transfer to Messages. Now, if for more detailed analyses, which is often applied for fuel draining detection, a user wants to see the messages for the chosen period of time, he may activate the function «Transfer to messages», and then clicking on «Time» column will transfer him right to the messages. The same function has appeared in charts — clicking on a chart you will see a particular message.

The report mode now has a function of fast transfer to the messages mode


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Additional information about the unit


In the Monitoring panel now you have the possibility to show additional information about the tracking unit. The users asked for this option in our forum, and after the conducted analyses, which showed that among 50 000 users 3/4 have less than 15 units on the panel, we decided to implement it. Now, clicking to the corresponding icon, you will see the additional fields. You may choose the fields you need in user settings, where you set the data, reflected in the tooltip.

Option to show additional information about the tracking unit

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«Quick report» generation


Also in the Monitoring panel now we provide the option to generate a «Quick report». Similarly with the existing «quick track» function, the users asked for the possibility to start the report at a click. From now on «Quick report», as well as «Quick messages» are started right from the panel. In order to do it you should display the corresponding columns in the panel, as well as select the time interval and the template of the report that should be started.

The possibility to start the report with one click

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If speaking about less significant changes, we should mention that the geofences, where the unit is located, are now sorted in the tooltip and additional information on the panel by area, starting with the smallest one.

According to the requests from our forum, we implemented the possibility to «memorize» the time of sensors’ status modification and display this information in the monitoring mode (in the tooltip and additional information).

The possibility to «memorize» the time of sensors’ status modification

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We also added the smart feature to the time intervals input forms, which automatically interchanges the dates, if the user confused the boxes «From» and «To». In other words, if in any «time» field the «From» box parameter is more than that one of the «To» box, they automatically swap places.

The above mentioned innovationes, introduced by our specialists, are the most significant ones, but still the list is not complete. And in order to discuss the latest updates you can always visit our forum.

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