«The Art of Seeing Beyond». Gurtam calendar 2014

«The Art of Seeing Beyond». Gurtam calendar 2014What do we regularly look at during the whole year round? Surely, the calendar. Someone uses the calendar in his mobile phone, another prefers to carry a pocket calendar in his wallet, some people like to put loose leaf calendars on their desks, and others hang them on the kitchen wall, thoughtfully circling the meaningful dates. But, anyway, all these calendars are just practical and utilitarian, and we often see only figures and nothing else. Gurtam, vice-versa, justifying its logo «The Art of Seeing Beyond», not only tries to see beyond, but to look further, presenting the year 2014 as a unique calendar that will please the eye of its owner as a real art piece. Thinking over the calendar concept, this year we decided not to produce another element of waste paper, but to create something worthy, that will not only fasten your eyes on, but make you stop and stay for a while, escaping from the reality.


Well, who is Gurtam «target audience»? Programmers and system administrators, managers and marketing specialists, engineers and drivers… So, what do they have in common? They are mainly men. And what are the main male passions? Definitely women and cars. Imagine that you’re driving a car. How do you hold the steering wheel? Softly touch it with your fingertips, while driving on a smooth surface, and hold it tightly, while performing aggressive maneuvers. And now imagine that you’re touching a woman… Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Female body in our calendar – is a road, with its curves, turns, hills and hollows. And probably for any car and driver it’s an interstate 60, getting on which is very difficult to change the route.

Another outstanding feature of our calendar – its heroines. What for should we invite professional models, if such beautiful girls work at Gurtam? Eight most daredevil beauties from Gurtam team supported the idea of our calendar and took part in the photo shoot. «The Art of Seeing Beyond» calendar saw the light mostly due to Gurtam CMO Aliaksandr Kuushynau. «Working upon this calendar we intentionally decided not to attract professional models, and break the stereotypes, for example, concerning IT specialists’ appearance. The girls, who agreed to take part in our calendar, used neither make up, nor photoshop. But look, how beautiful and sexy they are. – he mentions. – Creation of this calendar was my last project as Gurtam CMO, and I would be really glad if it stay in memory for a long time». (Author’s note: From now on Denis Grebennikov becomes the Head of Sales Department, Katsiaryna Malitskaya – the Head of Marketing Department. Aliaksandr Kuushynau will take a position of Chief Wialon Officer and will deal with strategic development of Wialon Pro, Wialon Hosting and other products, which are going to be launched in Wialon product line).

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