n.Viewer app for Wialon now available

The usage of smart devices for navigation is becoming a common trend, thus tuning the software fashion in its own manner. Since Wialon is adhering to the new telematics tendencies and the time-sharing demands in the GPS tracking segment, the development of the Wialon application for Android or iPhone has gained a lot of attention from our partner community. In response to this trend, a range of users offered competitive solutions able to satisfy the common requirement. Initially the smart-solutions able to work with mobiles were suggested by Ask Company, Geolead-Center, Kazintersoft and Navion.

The first autumn decade started as a trial period for some of the applications without any availability limitations for most of the users. The main task, however, remained the same: the Wialon fan club required a responsive solution, compatible with mobile interface of the Wialon Kit and Wialon Hosting. In September the Navion experts were pleased to announce that the new mobile application for Wialon was designed and made available to for quality assessment. After a series of runs the good news came in on the Gurtam forum, and the users couldn’t wait to try the n.Viewer by Navion on their mobiles. The trial version of the App had a set of enabled options, such as units, unit groups, monitoring, track player, display tracks and messages, unit settings and chat with a driver.

According to its official description, the n.Viewer is compatible with any Wialon server with enabled SDK, and also can work conveniently with any iOS-device of CRT size below 7″. As proved by the usability tests, reports are offering a lot of benefits to range of Wialon users, making them one of the key features of the new program. Those, who have successfully tested the version, have also appreciated the convenience of filling out the server address as was in the case of Hosting and Kit. The series of these updates have been planned for the second quarter of November this year.

In addition to the standard features included in the existing n.Viewer, the new app will incorporate reports, geofences, tasks and notifications. Which is a good promise, since the popularity the new application will upgrade Wialon to a new level. Available to download free of charge from App Store, in the first quarter of September – n.Viewer with a slight departure from its original version became billable since October 1st. The launch of a new application does not mean that the experts of Navion will halt the development of the app; by contrast, the functional specs will advance bringing more users to the smart solution in the future.

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    1. Sergei, currently n.Viewer is available only in Russian, but it’s only the matter of time. In the upcoming update Navion experts are planning to launch two versions, both in Russian and in English.

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