Wialon certification for all user levels anytime you like

Gurtam launches «Wialon Pro Manager», «Wialon Pro Administrator» and «Wialon Remote API» courses.Recently our Training and Certification department has been extremely productive. Gurtam weblog feed is full of news, concerning Wialon certification. But today, I have no any desire to make you read too many words, so just a small announcement.

Starting from next Monday, October 28, besides «Wialon Hosting Manager» course, Gurtam launches «Wialon Pro Manager», «Wialon Pro Administrator» and «Wialon Remote API» certification.

Now therefore, Wialon certification in two languages, Russian and English, is available for all user levels: managers, system administrators and application programmers.

Let me remind you, that till November 15 all Gurtam partner program participants can use our special offer, according to which every specialist, registered for certification, is peovided with two free attempts to pass Wialon certification exam.

Those, who want not only to pass the exam remotely, but to undertake full «Wialon Hosting Manager» training course within the framework of Telematics 2013. Autumn, still have a chance to file and application and send it to training@gurtam.com.

We will award personal certificates for all the qualified Wialon specialists, successfully coped with Wialon certification, either during Telematics 2013. Autumn, or send them by post.

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