Summing up “Telematics 2013. Autumn”

In line with a range of professional events and conferences with Gurtam standing at the forefront of many of them, it’s time to talk about our own, not the less important «Telematics 2013. Autumn», bringing over 150 participants from all over the world to Minsk.

It isn’t just for the grandeur of the conference which has greatly resonated in the partner community (considering that we had guests from Europe, Canada, Middle East, Africa and China); it’s for the information richness and the exclusive value of the event itself.

“Telematics 2013. Autumn”: Day One


The opening of the conference by the General Manager, Alexey Shchurko started with the words: “Being able to change accordingly and always having the option to do so, will make your business less vulnerable. Such changes must be applied occasionally from plans to strategies”, in such a way it was emphasized that Gurtam has enough flexibility and power to change accordingly with ease under the sophisticated market conditions, thus only becoming better.

Alexey brought the accomplishments of the company to the fore, giving the audience a deeper understanding of their importance on the overall chain of our business.

Since we were talking about the flexible innovations and Wialon updates, the floor was yield to Aliaksandr Kuushynau, the Chief Wialon Officer, who spoke about the launching of the new Wialon Local. The forthcoming Wialon Hosting Updates due in 2014 also mentioned by Aliaksandr shall be carried over into the blog, together with the new Apps, prepared by Gurtam developers.

The changes in the partner program for 2014 have been emphasized by Denis Grebennikov, the Head of Sales Department.

The first track was finalised with a wonderful speech by Katsiaryna Malitskaya, the Head of Marketing Department, who stated the importance of knowledge saturation and active participation of all partner community members in discussions and debates. Katsiaryna referred to the popular analytical edition of Berg Insight, attributing a great deal of importance to Gurtam solutions on the post-soviet areae as a key player of the telematics market.

The second track started with a speech by Yuliya Veraskouskaya, the Head of Technical Support Department, revealing all the secrets of dealing with customer requests by her team of specialists.

During the event, the guests not only had venues for fruitful discussuions, but could also avail of Wialon certification and training opportunities, monitored by the Head of Training & Certification Department, Sergey Troukhan.

Alexander Adamovich, WDC Manager, took the floor shortly afterwards to talk about the architecture of the department itself, the data accumulation and the overall server efficiency globally. The importance of shielding the hacker attack was specifically focused on; since it measured the department’s KPIs.

Pavel Vasiliev, the Manager of Competitive Projects Russia, was heading a discussion on the tender projects and the alternative developments Gurtam partners can undertake.

The ultimately new undertaking, focused on by Gurtam is the upgrade of GPS-Trace Orange, expander by Aliaksandr Padlipski, the product owner of GPS-Trace Orange has been placed on agenda for 2014 to expand tracking to geographies and regions, where there could be a lot of interest to it.

The jolly ending of the first busy day was topped with the «White party» hosted in one of the clubs of Minsk, where the delightful atmosphere of a feast mingled with business talks, the strength of which never faded even after the party was over.


“Telematics 2013. Autumn”: Day Two


On day 2, the guests were seen to the Hardware Exhibition, where over 11 HW-manufacturers were willing to present their devices to the wide range of audience, along with that the presentation were carried on, so as to encourage discussion and information awareness of their businesses.

Among those were Skywave, Cellocator, Escort, Skaut, Ruptela, GoSafe, Omnicomm, Neomatics, Standard, Radioterminal and Omnicomm-Service, whose presentation can be found via the following link.

The workshops also occupied the vast part of the day, the 3 interactive sessions were based on the tracking of stationary objects, fuel solutions and the development of SDK.

The feasty closing of the conference was crowned with the “Great Gatsby” party, where Gurtam was congratulated on its 11th birthday. The colorful and jolly atmosphere mixed with gifts, performances and nominations, with the most active players such as TraceSolutions BV, Hilltronic Warenhandels, Navion, Garage Monitoring, Overseer, Fastpoint Enterprises, Integrated Solutions, Wialon-servis, Monitoring Net, Avtoskan-Sibir, SBS tehnologii monitoringa and SmartGPS got the nominations for their contribution into the flourishing and the development of the common business.

Surprisingly as it is, over 20 partners overcame thousands of miles to actually make it to an event, raising the nature of the conference to the international level.

Such tendency shall only transpire into the forthcoming events by Gurtam, bringing us over to the new geographies, partnerships and professional areas.

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