New Wialon Pro-based app by Garage-GPS

It’s a known fact that many Gurtam partners today not only successfully use Wialon solutions in their business, but actively develop their own services, improving, upgrading and creating new applications. Today I’m going to tell you about a new mobile app, developed by Garage-GPS, our Gold partner in Kazakhstan.

Let me remind you that Garage-GPS is a large Wialon Pro provider — more than 30 000 units are connected to its servers. And today our partner decided to take care of its numerous users by launching Garage Mobile app based on Wialon Pro.

So, what can we say about this new app? Firstly, it’s a software solution, created for Garage-GPS customers, i.e. in order to use the app a user needs to have an account in any Garage service, as well as to boast a smartphone. Speaking about this app there is no need to specify the smartphone type, because Garage Mobile has several versions: for Android, iPhone and particularly for iPad. Besides, each version takes into account all the specific peculiarities of the devices used.

I’m sure, you’re curious, what are the main functions and distinctive features of this app? What is it capable of? Actually it can do almost everything, i.e. use your smartphone to track units, view them online, look through tracks and etc. One of the key advantages of the app is its ability to execute all the reports, created in Wialon, and besides, not only to create, but to send them to e-mail. Using Garage Mobile you can also call the driver, without the need to keep the contact list.

New Wialon Pro-based mobile app by Garage-GPSNew Wialon Pro-based mobile app by Garage-GPSNew Wialon Pro-based mobile app by Garage-GPS

For now the app is absolutely ready-to-work and available on the App Store or Google Play in Russian and in English. And as a special offer to all other Wialon Pro users, it can be acquired as a White Label application.

That’s all I wanted to tell you for today, but not all the news from Garage-GPS. They assured me that besides further development of Garage Mobile, according to the users’ needs and wishes, in the near future they are going to launch another interesting mobile app that will be presented a bit later.

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