New Year – New Solution: Wialon Local

Traditionally we start our workweek by telling you about the outcome of the partner conference “Telematics 3013. Autumn”. We hope that you have figured out Wialon Hosting updates policy in 2014 and learned some news about Partner Program in 2014. But we still have a lot to tell! So today I will reveal the main intrigue of “Telematics 2013. Autumn” and tell you about our new solution – Wialon Local.

We have collected your numerous requests and wishes and developed an effective and functional server solution, which would substitute Wialon Pro in our product range. Wialon Local is a new product that was specifically designed for operators having from one hundred to several thousand objects. It is suitable for providing operator services as well as installation on the customer’s server. We have done everything possible for this product to not only have extensive technical capabilities, but to be really convenient in use as well.

What’s great about new Wialon Local?


Wialon Local includes all best features of existing Gurtam solutions: rich functionality, apps and SDK of Wialon Hosting, benefits of Wialon Pro such as an opportunity to be placed on own servers, the choice of the necessary components and the ability to upgrade to a “fresh” version by choice.

Technical capabilities of Wialon Local allow you to set it even on the average server. We also have to note that Wialon Local has the limit in number of units: there can be no more than 5000.

When we were developing Wialon Local our main goal was to make it as convenient for your business as possible. There are some more features of Gurtam new solution that we are proud of:

  • support of all device types of 3 manufacturers you choose;
  • support different maps (Google, OSM, Yandex, Bing, Navteq, and others);
  • SDK with which you can use our applications and development tools customizing Wialon Local for your business needs;
  • application management with minimal effort;
  • gateway in Wialon server center that can be used to test the equipment. Here with the help of Protocoller you can decipher any incoming formats and transfer them to Wialon Local in Wialon Retranslator format;
  • ability to transmit data to other systems in real time;
  • Wialon Local just like Wialon Hosting and Wialon Pro participates in the Partner Program 2014 bonus system.

Wialon Local

And that’s not even all the advantages of Wialon Local. Along with its rich functionality our new solution will also please users with its great usability and user friendly interface.


Who will benefit from Wialon Local?


Wialon Local is created primarily for those who want their businesses to keep up-to-date, but due to certain circumstances cannot use SaaS solutions. Just like in the case of Wialon Hosting (here we have SLA-policy of responsibility for the availability of our services) we developed Wialon Local as reliable and secure solution.

Those who already own a license will also have an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of our new product. We will develop a simple and efficient mechanism for the transition from Wialon Pro to Wialon Local. For the first three months after the start of sales we will have a special Wialon Local transition campaign and you will be able to change the old server to a new one. In payment for Wialon Local we will take 75% of the amount you’ve paid for the server you want to replace. Then you pay the rest for the required equipment and become a proud owner of a new license.

переход на Wialon Local

Wialon Local Updates


Wialon Local updates will be released once a year. We will take a structure/frame/lay-out of the latest version of Wialon Hosting with all the function set. Whether you want to move to an updated version of Wialon Local or stick to the old one – it’s your choice (new Wialon Hosting updates police in 2014 has changed and now provide users with several alternatives).

Wialon Local release is planned to take place at the end of the first quarter of 2014. In the new year the ordering process and the generation of server licenses to our existing partners will occur automatically via special web form. We set this procedure to secure our partners’ businesess as well as to minimize situations when companies, offering Wialon, compete with each other for one and the same client which results in essential cut of ultimate price. I’d like to point out that it’s only one step from the whole set of measures, concerning Wialon, which we’ll take nex year to improve the situation at our market and advance efficiency of our operators.” – comments Aliaksandr Kuushynau, the Chief Wialon Officer.

That’s a short description of Wialon Local that has a potential to become a flagship solution in Gurtam product line. After summing up the news from “Telematics 2013. Autumn “, I will give an overview of the major events that occurred in Gurtam life at the end of 2013. In the mean time I wish you to start getting in the festive mood because the Holidays are coming!

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  1. Hi,
    Can Wialon Local be hosted on virtual private server? Please advice. Companies who are offering GPS Tracking solution is hosting their software here on VPS to cut cost. To compete with them it is essential that we are able to host Wialon Local on a virtual private server. Please send the details


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