Results of the “Telematics 2013. Autumn”: Wialon Hosting updates up to your choice

Wialon Hosting updates in 2014The long-awaited event of this fall – partner conference “Telematics 2013 . Autumn” is over and it’s time to sum up the results. We continue our series of publications that explain the highlights of the conference and what’s even more important – Gurtam policy in the coming year of 2014.

So it is time to tell about changes in Gurtam life that my colleagues announced on the “Telematics 2013. Autumn”. Let’s start with Wialon Hosting, which we’re trying to make as convenient and useful for you as possible. Therefore in the nearest future Wialon Hosting expects certain changes. But first things first.

Reliability is one of the key features of Wialon Hosting. Of course, no one is fully protected from DDoS-attacks, but still down-time is extremely rare. Our server center presupposes uninterrupted operation and therefore data safety: these factors distinguish us from other platforms where our clients set Wialon Pro. Here is a statistics to back up those words: during the last year average Wialon Pro server had down-time 15 times more often that Wialon Hosting. And we have recently announced our official SLA-policy that makes us responsible for the availability of our services and we are ready to compensate for all the periods when the server center wasn’t available due to our fault.

And now let’s talk about the main changes in Wialon Hosting. The number of users and operators is constantly growing and today there are more than 500 Wialon Hosting accounts. For us it means that if we want everyone to be satisfied we need to develop a new approach. That’s the reason why we decided to modify the updates policy. We prepared an interface renewal but we want it to be used by only those who really need it. In other words – it’s your choice to update or to stick to the previous version. The new Wialon Hosting update strategy means that you can update only if and when you want it. You can switch to a specific version and keep using it or you can choose a version that will be updated automatically and always remain actual.

Wialon Hosting updates policy

To illustrate the improvements in the update policy we created a scheme. Previously all the users were following the blue direction- But now you have an alternative: red or green directions. Green – – is the direction where you will always have the latest version. Red – – is created for those who want to get ahead of time: here you can find a version that was created, but wasn’t finally recorded and tested by our experts. With all these alternatives you can still stay on your current stable blue direction. Moreover, some of your users may use a green direction and some may use blue. To use all the directions you will only need your username and password to login. That’s the essence of Wialon Hosting updates policy for the year of 2014.
Wialon Hosting updates policy in 2014
No matter what version of Wialon

Hosting you choose – you can always use old and new Apps, they can still be run through Toolz. For example if you need to run iDriveSafe, you can do it without loading Wialon and maps. We are also glad to announce that our partner community actively adds a list of useful applications. Let’s continue to join our efforts to develop in this direction!

As for the prices – they remain the same. The only change is the division of modules ActiveX and SDK. SDK is now included in the standard package. Routes module is becoming free and is included in the Premium package. In this package routes won’t be charged by pieces – they will be available in any quantity.

I hope that you’ve understood the vector of Wialon Hosting development. Soon we will tell more equally important news from Gurtam life which were highlighted at Partner Conference “Telematics 2013. Autumn”. We will announce news on the Partner Program in 2014 and the certification. As for today – though it’s Monday, stay in a great mood and remember that new perspectives are waiting for us!

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