Gurtam challenges Kilimanjaro!

Expedition Kilimanjaro 2014Remember, when you did something crazy last? When did you look at something really breathtaking or overcome your personal weaknesses? You must admit that from time to time each of us needs change of scene – to go to the ends of the earth or to be amazed by something really new. So we decided not to talk but to act! Gurtam team with its brave and decisive partners is leaving for the ends of the most mysterious world’s continent. We are leaving for Africa ‒ to conquer Kilimanjaro!

“Kilimanjaro 2014” expedition will take place from 21th February till 1st March. Our goal is to climb the top of the legendary volcano, Kibo (5895 meters above sea level), and to plant Gurtam flag there! The participants will go through various hardships – not many people are able to trek in extreme mountain conditions. For instance, Roman Abramovich couldn’t manage to trek even half of the distance! And it’s not a surprise: in Africa you may face lots of risks – yellow fever, poisonous ants, huge ferns and, of course, height sickness. But we have no doubts – expedition “Kilimanjaro 2014” participants ain’t afraid of anything, and they will reach the top regardless of the hardships! Starting from Marangu Gate (1894 meters above sea level), our team will get over 40 kilometers to reach Kilimanjaro peak – the hugest volcano of Africa.

The “Kilimanjaro 2014” team will take into expedition not only rage but also GPS/GLONASS hardware. In real time mode in specially created Wialon Hosting account all comers will have an opportunity to track the team climbing and watch how trackers and Wialon work in difficult mountain conditions. The way to the top will take four days: during this time the participants will overcome 5000 meters of elevation changes and face dramatic climate change – from parching African heat to ever frost.

And at 5895 meters above sea level elevation, right near the edge of volcanic vent – on the roof of Africa, the “Kilimanjaro 2014” team will meet one of the most beautiful dawns they’ve ever seen. We can only visualize this place in imagination – the place, where sky and ground run into one, where nobody can hold emotions at bay, where seemingly impossible in your life becomes just doable.

Gurtam team with its brave and decisive partners

Then the team will have a long way back and hard acclimatization. On return they will certainly share impressions and invaluable experience, gained in the expedition. Let’s wish these brave heroes good luck, patience and nice weather at the climbing way. And each of you I’d like to wish to step out of your comfort zone as often as possible, because true success lies right beyond it. Don’t be afraid of experiments and crazy ideas – just do it! And you’ll see how useful and easy it is – to change life for the better.

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