Gurtam forum as you had never seen it before!

Once Coco Chanel said: «In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different». These words are up-to-date not only in relation to people, but in relation to what they do either. We’ve also undergone some changes ‒ Gurtam forum looks and works in a new light! Lately it has actively gained popularity among users – last year Gurtam forum reached the mark of 50 000 posts. And we’d like to grow not only in amount but qualitatively too, therefore we decided to breathe a new life into Gurtam forum!

We understand how it’s important for you to get necessary information timely, to be able to response quickly, receive professional support of the community and share experience with colleagues. Our team tried to do our best and took into account your feedback to make the new forum the most convenient and efficient place for communication and solving tricky business tasks. So what good changes you’ll find in the new Gurtam forum?

User-friendly browsing experience. Now you can log in from any forum page. A user can easily go to Gurtam site, news or blog from any forum category or topic. At any moment you may use follow-up form, placed in the header.

User-friendly browsing experience.

Customized RSS subscriptions. Now you can use RSS subscriptions both for all categories and separate topics. Thus, to watch for updates in a topic, you may use any RSS-reader without the necessity of opening forum pages. Email subscription is also available: now you may subscribe both for separate topics and whole categories.

Customized RSS subscriptions.

New Wialon development offers rating. Criteria for assessment your Wialon development offers rating has also changed. It was improved: users still can “like” those proposals which they want to be implemented. For better visualization we added icons («implementing», «implemented» or «rejected») and statistics of voting. So you’ll have an opportunity to see who voted for this or another offer.

New Wialon development offers rating.

New user karma. We introduced a new way of user rating calculation. Now only forum users can “like” or “dislike” posts. So Gurtam won’t control karma statistics – it will depend on forum users.

New user karma.

Social media integration. We added more social media buttons – you can promptly go to Gurtam accounts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Social media integration.

Send a message to moderator. In the new forum you will have an opportunity to complain about any incorrect users’ posts. For this end, we added a separate button: push it and you automatically will send a letter to the forum moderator. He will make a decision timely about the measures which should be taken in relation to the user who bend the forum rules.

Send a message to moderator.

New design. You can’t fail to notice this change! Gurtam forum has totally changed its appearance, and we hope it’ll suit your taste.

We’re sure that with the new interface working with forum will be as easy and convenient as possible. We’ve done our best so that you can find necessary information or share ideas in a few clicks. Leave your feedback, get assistance of specialists and ask any questions. And Gurtam will do its best to solve any issue qualitatively and promptly! And on my own behalf I’d like to wish you be different and change only for the better!


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