The new Apps by E-house helps avoid routine

TableImport by E-House Our life is moving towards simplification: only this way we are able to create something new and develop ourselves. We try to stick to this principle in our work also, as “easier” is nowhere near “worse”. For instance, when even experienced users connect tracking units to Wialon, they take lots of time-consuming steps. To simplify this process our partner – E-house – has developed a new useful Apps named TableImport. In 95% cases our partners use digital sensors for fuel control. After tank sensor calibration xml-file appears in LLS Monitor program, and data should be converted to the sensor calibration table in Wialon. Now this work is done by TableImport. TableImport – is a web-application which allows importing calculation table from a file to a sensor. In other words, this service automates the process of filling in the calculation table in the fuel sensor by data import from xml-file, created in LLS Monitor program. TableImport Apps provides with the opportunity of time saving while connecting tracking units to Wialon. Now users have no need of entering figures by hand: it’s enough just to choose a unit, sensor and file and then press “load” button. The Apps will show calibration table and chart for visual control of the imported data.

приложение TableImport приложение TableImport

To become TableImport user you should have a Wialon account with activated SDK module. The Apps is compatible with most of popular internet browsers and is absolutely free of charge. TableImport’s developers are ready to take into account any proposals concerning application functioning – the most useful suggestions will be implemented in the next Apps’ versions. To leave you proposals and to learn more about TableImport, you may visit our forum.

On behalf of Gurtam and Wialon users I’d like to say thank you to E-house for such an effective Apps. We hope that with its help working with Wialon will become much more convenient! Have a nice day!

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