From Budapest to Bamako with Wialon: the biggest world amateur rally is over

The “Budapest-Bamako” rally is the greatest amateur rally in the world. For the first time the run took place in 2005, and today it has become an alternative to the legendary Dakar Rally. The distance, which teams should go through during the competition, is about 8 000 km (and it’s only a one-way distance!).

"Budapest-Bamako" rally

In 2014 the rally start was held in the capital of Hungary – Budapest. To reach the final rally destination, the drivers had to go through various European countries, cross Mauritania, Western Sahara and Senegal. For this time “Budapest-Bamako” finish took place not at Bali, as it was earlier, but in Banjul, Gambia. 125 crews (a pilot and a navigator) from all over the world were competing against each other! There’s no defined rally route, therefore the teams plan and improve it themselves.

This year the Ukrainian team Team.UA participated in the rally for the first time. The members of the team were brothers Pavel and Aleksei Suknenko. Team.UA got 15th number in the amateur category — Classic GPS Rally. The Ukrainian team was in competition with the 11 crews of the category. Team.UA chose Mitsubishi L200, 2008 car to become a trusty beast in the rally, and the car hadn’t been essentially modified for the race.

Team.UA crew

I’m glad to tell you that our partner – Lookout company – was a Team.UA sponsor! It provided the team with a GPS-tracker and opportunities of the real-time car tracking in Wialon. Under the high speed and hard road conditions such support is very important for the team safety.

Team.UA car Rally route went through deserts

Moreover, due to Lookout the spectators had a chance to feel rally dynamics and track all the car’s movements in the real-time mode. During the race connection often failed and only due to Wialon and Lookout Apps we could find out where the team was. At the Team.UA Facebook page lots of fans shares the impressions: “Today we can’t keep calm, as the teams of Great African run finish today in Banjul. Soon we’ll discover whether Budapest-Bamako was successful for Team.UA or not. But we’ve heard nothing from the team since yesterday. We’re anxious and hope that nothing bad happened – the matter is in weak connection. The only rescue is Lookout application. Due to it we can follow all the movements of our crew. ”

All comers had an opportunity to track the team's movements

All in all, the Ukrainian team took the 7th place. A great result for the newcomers! After the finish line Team.UA shared impressions: “We got a lucky number – 7! Frankly saying, we wish we got the 1st, but for the first rally it’s rather good result. Now we have great experience, which will be very useful in future.”

On behalf of Gurtam we congratulate the Ukrainian team and our partner – Lookout – with a great result in the race! We wish you to become the best in your category next year! And the main thing – have fun from what you’re doing whatever it takes from you!

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