Wialon together with Maxoptra: new opportunities for new consumers

Magenta TechnologyNavitech 2014 as well as Telematics 2014. Spring partner conference have successfully finished, and now we are ready to sum up and share the most significant results of these events. Therefore, today I’d like to tell you about new complex of logistics services ‒ Maxoptra, which was presented by our strategic partner Magenta Technology at Telematics 2014. Spring.

Maxoptra is the application which provides clients with the opportunities of using leading-edge business instruments for Fleet Management and Field Services. For Wialon users there’s no need to register in the system or install any third software to enjoy these opportunities. Maxoptra is a scheduling solution that optimizes your mobile workforce planning and dispatching and you may use it right from your Wialon account.

Together with Wialon, Maxoptra solution integrates three functional modules: Planning, Dispatching and Controlling. And it satisfies the demands of new prospective users ‒ Logistics and Field Service companies, Financial services and even drivers. Now logistics specialists will have the opportunity to control all the active orders and assign efficient routes.

How Maxoptra works

Wialon Hosting authorized users will get access to Maxoptra services automatically in their Wialon account. And units, connected to Wialon Data Center, will be automatically copied to the new App. To start working with Maxoptra you just need to choose it in the list of Wialon applications and define vehicle capacity. Then you are ready to start assigning routes and using lots of other Maxoptra functions. The App has minimum performance requirements: connected SDK module and ability of data retranslation.

Maxoptra provides lots of useful features:

  • Automatic routes planning;
  • Manual routes correction;
  • Continuous comparison of vehicles tracks against planned routes;
  • Real-time dynamic scheduling for runs that are already in progress;
  • Printing paper manifests and shipping documents;
  • Data upload into external systems in MS Excel format;
  • Integration with back-office accounting and other systems.

Routes planning with Maxoptra
To stay in constant contact with the team, especially with drivers, you may use Maxoptra mobile application. With its help you can contact the driver on the run. On his turn, the driver or the courier have the opportunity to report back to the booking team any deviations to the schedule such as delays as well as to calculate quickly the order and delivery price.

Maxoptra and Wialon enable you to reduce costs by up to 30% and meet your complex customer requirements simply and effectively, increase productivity by reducing driving time and improve ROI.

Right today you have a chance to try Maxoptra demo-version. The entire range of functions will be available for you during 30 days, and you even have no need to register. To get deeper understanding of how Maxoptra performs, watch a short video on YouTube.

On behalf of Gurtam, I’d like to thank Magenta Technology Company for the conceptually new solution. I hope it will not only improve our current customers businesses but also appeal to new ones.

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