ATrack hardware and Wialon connected with Garmin navigators

Considering the variety of GPS devices, which are essential for fleet management, their integration cannot but please us. And today we have pleasant news for you. From now on the Garmin FMI protocol is supported in Wialon Hosting and on ATrack gps devices for easier chatting with drivers and dispatching on Garmin PNDs.

Due to Garmin FMI protocol support, Wialon GPS tracking system provides bi-directional communication with Garmin PNDs, which is connected to ATrack devices. So now Wialon Hosting users have an opportunity to send jobs, commands, messages and coordinates directly to Garmin navigation devices. Accepting the job, driver can easily upload the coordinates to the Garmin navigator, select necessary route and proceed to the destination. It positively influences drivers’ productivity and subsequently makes customers feel satisfied.

The integration of Wialon Hosting and ATrack hardware with Garmin FMI protocol allow drivers both to accept and reject jobs, mark them as performed and use canned responses for immediate communication with the dispatcher. For more details you can always contact our technical support specialists or ask your questions on Gurtam forum.

Gurtam and ATrack cooperation started 4 years ago, and we glad that the partners still go forward customizing their solutions for actual market requirements.


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