Free GPS Tag for your personal Apple

You definitely know what is GPS Tag mobile tracker, don’t you? I’m pretty sure that many Wialon users have tried it at least once for different projects, when there is no a possibility to use a simple tracker, but high-quality GPS tracking is needed. GPS Tag perfectly performs as personal GPS tracker — it will become your reliable assistant in business and personal trips and journeys.

GPS Tag had only one significant problem — until recently it worked only with Android-based mobile devices. Gurtam developers successfully solved this issue. Today you can install our free mobile tracker to your iPhone or iPad.

The requirements for using GPS Tag are very simple. You just need a built-in GPS-receiver, Internet connection and an account in Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system. And, of cause, iPhone! By the way, you don’t have to be a proud owner of 5s — the app is compatible with any iOS version.

GPS Tag submits all the necessary data: device coordinates, speed, etc.; determines your exact location and builds a track; sends text messages and even images. The app goes with any SIM-card and perfectly works in roaming.

GPS tag interface Build your track using your smartphone Send messages and images using GPS Tag Choose the map you like more (Google or OSM)

That’s all I wanted to tell you about GPS Tag for today. Download and enjoy it right now. And I also have several other announcements for you. Those, who prefer watching over reading, could be happy. Gurtam YouTube channel gather more and more interesting and useful videos. Besides video tutorials for working with the main Wialon solutions, now you can watch numerous short movies for various Wialon Apps.

We receive more and more questions about next «Telematics» conference in Minsk. Therefore, it’s high time to settle the dates! Don’t make plans on November 19-22. We’re preparing lots of interesting things for you. More information about the conference program, venue and start of registration will be announced a bit later. Follow our news.

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