Global update: Wialon Hosting 1408

Last year we announced Wialon Hosting split to several separate versions. It gave many Wialon Hosting users the possibility to get and appreciate all our updates right away, cause we make different improvements non-stop. The users, who chose this way, actively follow our forum and even test new features before the official release. Other Hosting users decided to work with a well-known, stable and fixed interface. Namely for the last group I’m writing this piece of news. We gathered all the developments and innovations, introduced during the last 8 months into one big update. So, those who prefer to change something rarely, but right on target, could get numerous useful features. Let’s get it started.

Main menu on one line. Many Hosting users have already got used to such a kind of main menu, now it was also added to the fixed update. The menu takes far less space, occupies only one line and is easily configured. I mean if the tab doesn’t get into your browser’s window and is rarely used, you can easily hide it from the main menu. Don’t be scared, all the familiar functions are still there, they just changed the location a bit.

Main menu on one line

Mobile-lovers could also be happy: we have a new, improved interface for mobile devices, developed within the framework of main interface update. Now working with Wialon Hosting from smartphones and tablets has almost no difference from the PC version.

Improved Wialon Hosting interface for mobile devices Now it's much more convenient to work with Wialon Hosting from your smartphone Wialon Hosting mobile interface 1408

Nice innovation was introduced to the users’ rights. Previously, while creating a new user, every time you had to tick all the necessary rights. Now it’s much easier. We created user rights templates. You can just choose the predetermined set of rights and apply it to the created user.

User rights templates are available for you now

Rather significant alterations were done to notifications. We changed time configuration for notifications, in order to define its validity period. Now you’ll see a tick mark «Interval». By default it’s inactive, when you activate it you can set a time interval, during which the notification will be «alive», i.e. will be performed. We also added a new notification type — about entering or leaving the address. It means that you don’t need to create an additional geofence or POI in order to control the vehicle’s movements, it will be enough to enter the address and that’s it.

But that’s not all about notifications. We introduced a new possibility to track sensor parameters — according to Sensor Value. Notification configurations now has a tab, where you can put the data for controlling sensors by the difference in values, «value range» and «value leap».

Track sensor parameters by the difference in values

Tooltips appearance drastically changed. Now the all the popups for units, POI, geofences and tracks became much more informative and convenient.

Now the all the popups for units, POI, geofences and tracks became much more informative and convenient

You don’t need to suffer and convert kilometers into miles, and liters into gallons any more. We added the possibility to localize basic units of measurements, used every day. From now on Wialon Hosting works with two measurement systems: metric and imperial. You can simply switch between date and time formats, choosing the one you need at the very moment. I’m sure all our western colleagues are happy to hear that.

You can simply switch between date and time formats, choosing the one you need

Version 1408 contains extended and much more convenient import/export options. For example, now the import dialog has an extended units’ filter. Besides name and device type, there are filters by creator, free fields and unit group.

Just a few words about our beloved Wialon Apps. Entering CMS Manager in dialog «Apps» you’ll see two tabs — «Installed» and «Library». Using these tabs you can look through all the applications available at the moment and add them if necessary. On the «Library» tab you can choose the necessary application in one click. Added apps become available in in account properties on the Features tab.

In conclusion, there are several minor changes that will make your work easier. We updated the track player: now there is a «Play» button and a scroll box for changing the playback speed. While working with messages from the «Messages» tab, or going to messages from the reports, the chosen format is saved for the user. To the list of sensors we also added the «Alarm trigger», which has only two parameters: «on» and «off». This small alteration allows marking a message as an alarm (SOS).

This is how a new Wialon Hosting looks like. You can see and appreciate all the new features right now at And if you like it and want to switch to an updated 1408 version, please, write a request to our technical support team.


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