Lifehack by Maxoptra & Wialon

Not long ago my colleagues from Gurtam division, providing Wialon for Belarusian enterprises, decided to test-drive all the opportunities of a new logistics service Maxoptra, powered by Magenta Technology and successfully integrated with Wialon.

We gave a try to a new service by offering it to a large Belarusian company Borisovhlebprom that has been successfully working with Gurtam for many years. The enterprise works all over the territory of Belarus and performs up to 500 orders a day, providing hot bakery products to numerous cities across the country.

Borisovhlebprom has its own delivery service, that’s why it has a rather large fleet, equipped by Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system. However, logistics is still a rather weak point: insufficient vehicle loading (70% on average); huge, ever-changing delivery address database; planning and distribution of the available cars for particular routes, etc.

Therefore, Maxoptra that helped the company to automate all logistics services, turned up just at the right moment. Integration process with Maxoptra is rather simple, so Borisovhlebprom team managed to upload the orders from their internal system to Maxoptra.

The company could appreciate the advantages of using this service from the very beginning. The first benefit, received from using the system — clear visualization of all the active orders for one day on the map. The image below shows, how dispatchers see the orders today and how convenient it is to work with this list, which is far from being short.

Order scheduling system work results for one day

Besides, from now on it’s much more convenient, easier and faster to redistribute the orders among the routes — dispatcher gets the estimation of the remolded route at once. Final reports creation that usually takes much time is no longer a problem. All the scheduling info gets directly to the internal company system through Maxoptra exporting tool.

Mikhail Ushenkin, head of IT-department at Borisovhlebprom, gives his comment: «In general, Maxoptra logistics service is an indispensable tool for such enterprises like ours. Especially in the situation, when product shipments should be performed any time during the day».

Maxoptra not only facilitated the life of dispatchers and drivers, but also made financial department happy. Final figures: 200 saved kilometers out of 3000, which amounts to 10% of saved transportation costs. Using Maxoptra for other company routes will add from 200 to 400 extra km saved.

Comparing planned and actual route on the map

Together with Wialon, Maxoptra opens numerous additional opportunities to control routes and drivers. If you want to connect to Maxoptra service, you can just add it from the list of Apps in CMS, or directly from toolz, and very soon you’ll enjoy fast and easy route management.

Got interested in Maxoptra, but still have some questions? Feel free to contact your regional manager, or Alexei Badjanov, representing Magenta Technology, by phone: +7 (848) 242 18 19, +7 987 455 000. We’ll be glad to help you.

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