GPS Tag Pro passed away

There is something in the fact that namely today, on Halloween or All Saints’ Eve, we say goodbye to GPS Tag Pro. Rest in peace…

You know what, this could probably be the end of the story, BUT the truth is the news is much more positive. We didn’t close the product, we just joined it with GPS Tag, which is very much alive.

Let’s remind you that GPS Tag Pro was as good as GPS Tag. It means that the application successfully performed all the functions of simple GPS tracker, using your iOS or Android-based smartphone or other mobile device. However, there were two principal differences: compatibility with Wialon Pro server solution and its cost.

The new joined GPS Tag works with all Wialon products: Wialon Hosting SaaS GPS tracking system, Wialon Pro and Wialon Local server solutions. From now on while entering the system you’ll need to choose the relevant account and corresponding settings. Another good news is that GPS Tag remained absolutely free.

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