Telematics 2014. Minsk: time to pack your bag

Today is October 22 and it means that Telematics 2014. Minsk gets started in a month. Moreover, it means that you have just a little time left to send us your applications. Therefore, those, who haven’t decided yet, please, do it till October 31 (our Halloween deadline).

Those, who have already made up their minds, will be glad to hear the latest news. It’s not a secret that Gurtam partner conference has already gained the status of a large international telematics playground and the center of “telematics force”=). This year we’re waiting for even more guests from all over the world. I won’t tell you the exact numbers and the routes of our partners, coming to the event, because I’m pretty sure that the list of participants will increase.

GPS and GLONASS hardware exhibition within Telematics 2014. Minsk also heats up. The expo area that will be working during all the conference days this year looks very prospective. Today 21 companies from Ukraine, Russian Federation, Taiwan, Lithuania, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, China and Belarus have already confirmed their presence. All of them will not only show their latest developments and products, but also will provide their expert opinion concerning any telematics hardware matter.

Gurtam Telematics 2014. Minsk

I’d also like to remind you about the entertainment! And if last year I asked you to wear a tuxedo, this time I ask you to think about sports (preferably warm) clothes. Don’t forget that this time besides the official part and a gala dinner you’ll take part in WialonPuzzleHunt, which is a great chance to prove you’re in a good shape and have a quick mind. We guarantee to make it extreme and unforgettably adventurous.

That’s all for today, and I promise to keep you informed. See you in Minsk!

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