Sin Wialon City or 12 sinnergirls of telematics

I bet there’s no one in Wialon community, who doesn’t remember Gurtam corporate calendar 2014. I’m pretty sure that «The Art of Seeing Beyond» is still such an eye candy for our partners all over the world. New year — new impressions. Already feeling excited? Don’t worry, there’re just a few days left.

Everyone sins, it’s a truth universally acknowledged. Telematics sphere is not an exception. Here you would probably meet even more sinners than anywhere else. Drivers use company cars for personal trips, overload their vehicle by tons of extra weight and, of course, think they are Formula 1 pilots. Ecodriving? Nope, never heard of it.

What else could hurt your business and nerves? Carjacking and poor maintenance, «killing the cars», as well as simple human decency, which is often absent on the road. What can we do? Surely, change our attitude and behavior.

Wialon saves us from many of the above-mentioned problems, and today we suggest to look at them from different, much more positive, perspective. And we will remind you, what is good and what is bad! Yes, we’re awful morslists, I know=).

Katsiaryna Malitskaya, Head of Gurtam marketing department, shares the calendar idea and describes the process of its implementation: «The art of seeing beyond in Gurtam calendar 2014 made a big bada boom in the Internet. You even can’t imagine how many reviews we’ve got. Of cause, we can «blame» provocative nude photos of our beautiful employees.

This year we wanted not only to hold the bar high, but to make something brand new. For the main idea we took an age-old question of human virtues and vices, and translated it to the telematics sphere. Sins and women always come together, that’s why it didn’t take us long to choose the main heroes, especially taking into account mainly male audience of our partners and customers.



I think we made everything possible and it finally looks great. And it’s all became possible only due to the real professional — highly talented artist Anna Redko, the author of hundreds of impressive works. Her creative thinking, as well as the efforts of our marketing department, helped to create a real living world, faced by fleet owners and drivers every day».

Tired of carrots, wanna a stick? No problem, our sinnergirls should be definitely taught how to behave. This year we made not only a bunch of nice eye-catching pictures. Don’t worry, this option is definitely preserved, but this time, every time looking at another sinnergirl, you will remember what’s right and vice versa.

Adults also adore comic books, that’s why Sin Wialon City will brighten up your day, and than the whole year. And now let’s have a look and see you at Telematics 2014. Minsk.

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