Welcome to the First Satellite Technologies Museum in Minsk

Gurtam can freely boast about the quality and rich functionality of its software solutions, as well as its team creativity. As you know, every year on June 2nd namely because of Gurtam we celebrate our professional holiday — Satellite Tracking Day. And today we open the first Satellite Technologies Museum, where we will gather everything, forming the telematics market history: from the first GPS trackers and sensors, to the up-to-date multifunctional software solutions and applications.

Over the years of successful work and Wialon popularity all over the world, Gurtam has built the first international telematics community, due to which the Satellite Technologies Museum will become a really unique place. A lot of our colleagues from different countries started their telematics career in the 90s, and, of course, they remember the whole GPS and GLONASS hardware evolution, as well as the history of modern telematics services creation. Newbies, in their turn, will be glad to see the «dinosaurs» among telematics products.

Satellite Technologies Museum found its home in Gurtam main office located in Minsk. From now on, coming to visit us you’ll definitely drop into the museum. Its doors will be open for you all year round. Among the first museum exhibits you’ll find numerous GPS controllers, powered by BCE, Galileo, Teltonika, Ruptela; personal trackers by Globus GPS, cGuard, Queclink; vzo 4 fuel flow meter by Aqua Metro; Garmin navigator; fuel level sensors by RCS and Technoton, as well as other different hardware.

Day by day the exhibition attracts new unique examples — museum is constantly growing. It means that we can showcase many other rare and vintage trackers and other devices from your personal collections. So, if you wish to make a contribution and build the exhibition with your own hands, you’re more than welcome. While going to Telematics 2014. Minsk, bring a piece of history with you.

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