GPS and GLONASS hardware expo in Minsk

A lot has been already said about Gurtam annual partner conference. I guess it’s high time to tell you about the second but no less important event that took place during those three remarkable November days — GPS and GLONASS hardware exhibition.

This time the expo gathered 20 companies:

Участники выставки GPS и ГЛОНАСС оборудования в рамках конференции "Телематика 2014. Минск"

The list of our regular exhibitors was extended by the newbies: Mielta, Squarrel, Atol, Queclink, сGuard. Besides, this year the expo was not only enlarged, but also significantly prolonged. A long hall of Beijing hotel was placed in the service of exponents for two full working days.

GPS hardware expo in Minsk

Actually, there was a lot to see! Queclink representatives showcased their newest water resistant GPS tracker designed for applications, requiring low current drain, such as motorcycles and boats. Our BCE colleagues presented FM Light+ — an economy class GPS tracker with 3 interfaces: 1-Wire (iButton), RS-232 and EIA-485, as well as S-CAN — contactless CAN-bus connector. ATrack experts brought two asset trackers, AS1 и AS3, which were launched just a month ago. This year our long-time business partner Galileo Sky also took part in hardware exhibition. They showed GALILEOSKY boxfinder — a beacon that can work for 10 years in standalone mode (without battery replacement), and a new GALILEOSKY v 6.0 device.

Surely, I can’t forget mention Fuel Level Sensor’s Battle that attracted three companies: Escort, Mielta and RCS. Many thanks to all the speakers for the great presentations and bravery =). It appeared that the headline “Battle” induced an emotional storm and lively forum discussion.

Fuel Level Sensor Battle

But despite its playful tittle the “Battle” appeared to be a rather serious section, during which the participants managed to present main features and crucial advantages of their devices, as well as to answer numerous questions from the audience. I should definitely remember one anti-lifehack: Mielta mentioned the existing method of diluting fuel with acetone, and wanted to share their own way to fight this kind of violation. The audience got really interested and asked for the “recipe”!=)). Escort made a pleasant surprise — they held a real lottery. The winners got the certificates for free Fuel Level Sensor installation and I’m sure they were very pleased.

Escort Lottery happy winner

GPS and GLONASS hardware expo within the framework of Gurtam annual partner conference becomes a significant telematics playground for discussing new devices and technical capabilities. It’s really great news, but still we hope that our expo won’t grow up to the size of CeBIT =).

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