Wialon Hosting Lite: less weight, more profit

It’s a common knowledge that Wialon is a professional product. And, as often happens, it presupposes rich functionality together with professional experience of users, capable of getting maximum of it. We’ve never said that it’s gonna be easy, that’s why we have 24/7 technical support and Wialon training courses, adjusted for your particular needs. But the strive for simplicity is always alive and now I’ll show you a new simplified Wialon Hosting interface — Wialon Hosting Lite, presented by Aliaksandr Kuushynau at Telematics 2014. Minsk.

Wialon Hosting Lite is not a new product (relax, you don’t need to open your wallet), it’s just another great possibility, developed for all Wialon Hosting users. Lite is a fabulous in its simplicity “low-fat”, i.e. lite interface, containing only the most popular and commonly used Wialon Hosting functions.

Our partners can easily give this simplified version to their end-user customers, having made all the necessary configurations to the relevant account in the main Wialon Hosting interface. Users get gorgeous black & yellow interface with no extra tabs and buttons they never use.

What functions does Wialon Hosting Lite have?

  • possibility to track all the necessary units on the map;
  • create geofences and POI;
  • get notifications triggered by the alarm button, overspeeding, geofences control and connection failure;
  • possibility to build tracks and reports (speaking about reports, please, remember that you can build only those reports, that were pre-configured in the main Wialon Hosting interface).

If you’re already among the list of happy Wialon Hosting users, right now you can appreciate all the beauty and convenience of the new Wialon Hosting Lite interface, as well as to find something that I haven’t mentioned in this article. If you’re ready, please, go to lite.wialon.com and enter your usual Wialon Hosting login/password combination.

Take it easy, Wialon Hosting Lite is at your service. Try it now, facilitate your life and make your customers happy.

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