Wialon Hosting update dd. 2014.12.14

I guess those who read Gurtam forum regularly have already seen the post about one more, this time rather significant Wialon Hosting update. Now I’ll try to show you some of the new implemented features in all their beauty. These updated features definitely worth the attention of many Wialon Hosting users.

So, let’s get it started =)

Many mini windows

This is probably the most peculiar “beauty” that can be seen in current Wialon Hosting update. Its roots go back to our forum. Instead of the habitual mini-map you can find a new feature— “mini-window” — for individual unit tracking.

What is “mini-window”? In other words it’s an individual tracking window or an additional help-window, focused on the current information about the chosen unit. Individual tracking window can be opened by double clicking on the name of a unit in the tracking list. You can easily resize, minimize and shut down the window, whenever you need. You can open up to 9 mini windows in the tracking system, one window per unit.

There are two modes available for the individual tracking window: Map Mode (Main) and Info Mode (Additional). Map Mode concentrates your attention on unit location. The map cannot be moved, because it is automatically centered on the unit’s last location. This mode allows you to switch to the Google Street View in order to track your unit movements on the “real” streets. Let me remind you that this Google Maps function provides all-round view of many streets in many cities of the world at a height of 2,5 meters.

The info mode interface contains the key buttons and icons from the monitoring panel work list (motion state, data accuracy, connection state, quick track, quick report, properties), and also additional information on the unit, items for which are chosen in the user settings.

Speeding configurations, or the possibility to record traffic violations

Another peculiar and useful feature available today. Speeding report can now consider speed limitations, taken directly from the roads (speeding detection mode is configured individually for each unit at the ‘Advanced’ tab).

What do I mean? Some of our maps contain speed limitations, for example, 40 — near schools, 100 — on the highway, etc. Therefore, now if you make corresponding settings, you can compare the information about the speed limit with the real unit speed when necessary.

Remote tachograph download

Due to EU Regulation, governing the digital collection and storage of data on drivers and vehicles, automatic processing and management of driver card information and vehicle data is a highly desired option for many Gurtam partners, closely dealing with tachograph production and installation.

Today our hardware integration specialists together with the developers successfully implemented remote downloading of digital tachograph data. Therefore, we managed to solve a rather challenging task: not only to receive the driver card info, but also to ensure its automatic processing, analysis and visualization, according to the AETR, stipulating all possible driver activities.

Cargo weight sensor

The task, as it often happens, was born at our forum. Our customers faced a problem. They needed to measure the cargo weight on Belaz trucks: “We’ve had 4 sensors, installed on Belaz, together measuring the cargo weight with the accuracy up to 10-15 %. Everything was working fine, BUT Wialon couldn’t adequately reflect this parameter”.

It turned out that it’s not a unique case. That’s why in order to solve this problem our developers created Weight Sensor, measuring cargo weight in tons and pounds. We added Weight Sensor to the graphics and a separate column for the carried cargo to the tables for trips, engine hours and rides.

In conclusion, I’d just like just to list several other innovations. Perhaps, they are less noticeable, but definitely not less important:

  • Possibility to retranslate unit messages over the last period;
  • “?” icons with the tooltips for the most complicated functions;
  • New GoMap.Az maps

Try and appreciate. Have a nice week!

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