WialonPuzzleHunt: the brightest moments

Recently I’ve got a lot of news for you: Wialon Hosting Lite, Wialon Hosting update and etc. But today among all these key events I’d like to remind you about one of the most remarkable moments of Telematics 2014. Minsk. As you may guess, I’m talking about WialonPuzzleHunt.

First of all, many thanks to all the participants, who picked up all their courage and decided to make it, having chosen a cold and windy November evening, instead of warm and cozy Beijing hotel. All together we passed numerous challenges: handcuffs and deserted building, ropejumping and solving puzzle, that seems to have thousands pieces, truck chase a night, finding its coordinates in Wialon… Some flashbacks won’t be too much.

WialonPuzzleHunt. Starting point

It all began with a legend. Every team got a profile and some artifacts. Following the instructions, performing the missions and going from one difficult level to even more complicated one, in the end, we had to find one very important person, as if he was kidnapped by some bad guys.

By the way, it was not so easy from the very beginning. At the first level we got to an absolutely abandoned building without doors, windows, full of half-broken stairs and scattered stones. One of the team members chained with handcuffs to the rope stretched across the whole building, had to lead all his team in a complete darkness improved only by the given pocket lights.
WialonPuzzleHunt. Level 1
I’m sure you liked another adventure. Do you remember ropejumping? The bravest member of the team had to jump from the bridge in order to get the final clue. It was not a surprise that we had a lot of daredevils among us. And besides, there were courageous Gurtam ladies, accompanying the teams and helping them during the whole game, who were always ready to do the most complicated tasks.

WialonPuzzleHunt. Ropejumping
Meanwhile, other players were doing this enormous puzzle.

A lot of our partners wanted to see, where Gurtam lives. And they managed to accomplish their plans. Right in Gurtam office, the teams had to pass another challenge – guess some riddles, warm up a bit and run to the next level.

WialonPuzleHunt. Gurtam office
One of the most epic WialonPuzzleHunt moments was a hunt itself, or you can call it a race, chase, whatever. Early on the teams had to chase after an experienced traceur, who gave us a good run before giving another clue.

WialonPuzzleHunt. Free run
Then we had to chase after the unknown unit, seen in Wialon Hosting account. Having found its coordinates, the teams managed to choose right direction and complete the level successfully. But, witnesses say it was a really great performance. Lena Binetskaya, one of the team members and Gurtam quality assurance engineer, mentions: «We understood that we should chase after the moving car because of the unit name in Wialon Hosting — PuzzleHunt. We were lucky, the driver felt the game rush and offered to choose the shortest route, to block the truck’s way and to be the first, actually! We managed to catch the truck, but we still were not sure, whether it was the one we needed. The guys suggested to stay in front of it and start braking. So, finally we made the truck stop. I wish you could see what happened next. Some people tried to get into the truck through the driver’s window, someone tried to get under the cover! I guess other drivers, passing by, were really shocked. It looked like a movie =))».

WialonPuzzleHunt. Truck chase
Tired, exhausted, but feeling happy, one by one the teams rushed back to the hotel, forgetting about the speed, sometimes reaching 120 km/h. There they met the last challenge, awarding ceremony and tasty dinner. The winners got their deserved awards, cuddling and applause.

This is the map, showing the final routes of our teams during the game.

WialonPuzzleHunt. Routes map
As every extreme thing in our life, WialonPuzzleHunt left different impressions: from total delight, to «who should I kill for this idea?». But the one thing I can be certain about is that no one managed to stay indifferent! Our eastern partners, cold-blooded Russian men, used to frosty winters, felt comfortable. But we should give credit to our western colleagues, who survived all the difficulties and successfully crossed the finish line.

For the first time this year we decided to organize such an extreme entertainment. And now we know that our partners are ready for further experiments. During this game we became a bit closer, proved that we can work in team and cope with all the difficulties. Adrenaline, passion and good mood didn’t let us freeze.

Enough words for today, each of you have your own story, your own PuzzleHunt and your own race. I’m sure you’ll remember it for a long time. And now let’s have a look at a detailed photo-report on Facebook, covering the brightest WialonPuzzleHunt moments.

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