Gurtam around the world, i.e. telematics conferences 2015

According to the headline, it might appear to you that the discussion will be held about “Gurtam flag trip”, well-known amongst Wialon user communities. However, today the discussion is dedicated to various international telematics events that are worth visiting in 2015.

Each year Gurtam visits numerous exhibitions and conferences that gradually widen its horizons and 2014 was no exception.

On this note, we ask our partners and market players to share upcoming plans for the year of 2015. The discussions are welcome in Gurtam forum. Speaking about our plans for 2015, Gurtam is going to visit Germany, Russia, UAE and Mexico. The list is not complete yet. Who knows, where we’ll go further, because the choice is really great today.

Therefore, please, share your plans for 2015, exhibitions you are interested in and conferences you are going to visit. We are looking forward to visiting events together hopefully making our mutual participation even more beneficial for both sides.

Exhibitions and conferences provide an excellent opportunity to meet in person and communicate face-to-face, which help minimize long emails, Skype and phone calls. Joint presentations may attract more visitors to your booth and increase interest of numerous potential customers and partners to your solutions and products.

When you decide to visit any event and for some reason we are not able to make it, you still have our full support and assistance. We can offer up-to-date marketing materials and professional consultation of our specialists.

Sharing our “travel” plans for 2015 will help us stay connected. Just tell us about your participation in a particular event and will gladly make a review or a photo report, covering the latest innovations. And I’m sure it will be very interesting to other Wialon community members.

Have a nice week and join our forum discussion. Let’s make plans together!

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