400 000 units in Wialon Data Centre

At the end of May 2014 , we published the article about 300 000 units in Wialon Data Centre. Today, less than a year after, we have obtained additional 100 000 units+. World telematics market can’t be called a living creature, moving in one direction. Instead, it is a burning mixture of absolutely diverse tendencies, needs and opportunities. And, it’s a big accomplishment that despite all the differences, Wialon keeps the rate of growth, which proves its efficiency, reliability and applicability in different business areas.

Certainly, all our success stories, record-breaking numbers and impressive statistics are backed up with real people and real work. Every “unit” represents a certain person and a certain business with its particular story. In order to realize the scale of Wialon Data Centre coverage, it’s enough to look at the map, that shows online units for the last hour.

WDC records

Therefore, today we have another reason to thank all our partners, every day making Wialon more and more popular all over the world.

And now, the most important question of the day: who is the one? Who is the owner of 400 000th unit in Wialon Data Centre?


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