Introducing the Wialon Mobile application

The number of mobile phones is expected to exceed the world population by 2017. This trend has powered the development of new mobile and flexible tools to change and adjust to your Wialon-driven businesses.

Mobile Wialon

Following the brief announcement of the coming updates in Q1 2015, we are now happy to announce that Wialon mobile application has been released.

Wialon channel partners will be able to appreciate the handy interface and the smart capacities of the app, which will take your fleet management experience up to a new level.

Now our Wialon GPS tracking app available to Android / iOS users, meaning that it’ll soon be ready for downloading in both Google and Apple markets.

  • The binary menu of a handy app is divided into sidebars with “Information” and “Events” modules indicating the key vehicle properties.
  • The new “Events” catalogue will give you a brief overview of all trips and stops with detailed track history available on each. Movement history will be organised chronologically to provide easy access to specific locations.


  • The sidebar with “Information profile” will focus on parameters of the unit state, its sensor values, speed, altitude, and custom data to be readily available realtime.
  • If you click on a unit icon displayed on the map, in the tooltip you can find the detailed information about the unit properties, such as geolocation, engine status, motion status, connection, and its latest position and latest registered event.
  • After selecting the unit, the map is scaled and centered to the asset location on a map. Map layers – from the list of available –  Gurtam, Google or OpenStreetMaps – can be selected in User Settings.
  • The drag and drop menu, which you can scale and move to either corner of the navigation panel, will get you the vehicle data in a manageable and custom manner.
  • For further convenience of using a mobile Wialon, the rapid switch from the menu to the Dashboard app has been implemented, bringing the key vehicle KPIs to your fingertips.


Enjoy the app and leave your feedback at Gurtam forum.

Follow the news at our weblog and be the first one to learn about the Wialon forthcoming updates, which are just around the corner.

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