Wialon NOC: Complete Overview of Data Center events

Increased data stability and security are one of the fundamental principles Gurtam is seeking to pursue while providing its ultimate GPS tracking platform to customers worldwide. Thanks to our long experience with Wialon software development, we have uncovered better ways of securing our Network Operations Center (NOC).

The competition is wondering, what is the secret of handling such massive volumes of data, serving great numbers of users, managing data from a vast number of remote terminals, while at the same time preserving the high standards of quality.

Success lies in the architecture of both – Data Centers, and the Wialon product itself, designed with a view to prevent downtimes of all types. This level of stability makes those network outages insignificant to users; the system will still run with the focus on minimal data losses and high service availability.

Wialon NOC team has always been looking at the most reliable solutions to keep down the number of destruction points.

To share our confidence over the safety of our service, we are now happy to present the Wialon NOC information servce, offering a complete overview of events, taking place in our data center.

What kind of awareness will that give to you? 

All kinds of tools to monitor the stability of your data storage and processing mechanisms, including but not limited to:


The number of users and units online, received messages per minute, as well as already integrated types of devices.


The first two graphs can also be shown in detail over the period of February 1, 2014 and up to present.

Units activity

Database status markers

For each of the network subsystems one may see markers, indicating the sybsystems’ stability.

If the color shifts from green to yellow, the system may be facing insignificant failures, which will not affect the functioning of the Wialon platform, though may signify admissible over-/underloads to the data centers. The same color may appear when the Wialon updates are scheduled.

Red marker signifies the infrequent 0, 01% failures of one of the system components, either due to the network malfunctioning of the Wialon data center, or the Wialon NOC. Such cases are automatically registered and timely addressed.

Database status markers

Events and Event Calendar

The information concerning all the different types of events is automatically logged into the calendar with different event categories available there. Here you will find the significant NOC issues such as scheduled maintenance works, planned updates, service notifications, etc.

Events and Event Calendar

You will no longer need to waste your time over questioning on possible network failure, just check the “Events” column, where you will find all necessary information about the cause with timings on the estimated resolutions.



The key events shall be sent to your e-mail after subscribing for the NOC updates.

Over the years we have gained a lot of trust from our great network of partners. While cherishing and preserving this trust, we are always happy to learn your feedback on how we can serve you and your custoers better.

With these new tools, we give you awareness of not only your fleet’s whereabouts, but also increased confidence that your data is in the right hands!

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