About Gurtam

Gurtam is an international software developer of GPS tracking, fleet management and M2M solutions. With offices in the United States and Eastern Europe, Gurtam provides GPS tracking companies with a powerful fleet intelligence software platform Wialon, which allows them to deliver a feature-rich and cost effective service to the end-user fleets globally.

Today Wialon platform is used by numerous solution providers in more than 130 countries and enables end-user businesses across different vertical markets to track over 1 100 000+ assets combined.

Business area

Software development, IT services, satellite telecommunication, software solutions for vehicle GPS tracking, M2M technologies, personal and stationary assets tracking.


Gurtam was founded in 2002 by the group of developers who worked on AtlantSatellite tracking system engineered for Minsk office of Atlant-M International Automobile Holding. Since then Gurtam has been specialized in software development for GPS tracking and Fleet Management. The company has significant and mutually beneficial experience of working with various businesses and leading industry players such as Oracle.


Gurtam team has more than 100 highly qualified professionals, specialized in GPS-tracking, cartography, C++ and Web applications development.


Software platforms for GPS vehicle tracking:

  • Wialon Local – server-based solution hosted on customer’s infrastructure;
  • Wialon Hosting – Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution hosted in Wialon Data Center.

Where to use

Key features

Wialon GPS tracking platform is compatible with more than 1200 types of GPS hardware, including personal GPS trackers, Automobile Vehicle Locators, specific software installed on tablets and smartphones with GPS function, as well as additional sensors.

Wialon supports different maps, such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Navteq, Open Street Maps, etc. Moreover, Gurtam has its native cartographic service — Gurtam Maps— located in Wialon Data Center. The system covers 100% of world territory. Our specialists administer, constantly update and add new maps.

Gurtam products will help customers to improve business processes, raise competitive advantage and develop business in particular vertical market.


Gurtam in numbers

Our records in numbers


  • We have more than 1 100 000 unites tracked by Wialon and other Gurtam products all over the world.
  • We continue supporting different types of GPS hardware. Today at gurtam.com you can find all the 1200 types.
  • We hit records in Wialon Data Center: maximum users online — 34 776; maximum units online 450 590; maximum messages per minute — 2 339 564.
  • Wialon community also increased: today 950 companies from different countries of the world use our products.

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