Beyond GSM: Satellite Connectivity in Wialon

GPS tracking has become a common thing in the modern world:  thousands of companies use GPS hardware to monitor transport location, speed, fuel consumption and other parameters. Absolute majority of GPS devices use GPRS for transmitting data to tracking systems’ servers. Despite the rapid development of telecommunication technologies, cellular connection still does not cover the whole globe.

To get around the issue, some opt for a “black box” recorder of GPS trackers: it stores the data on unit movement and transmit it to the server as soon as cellular network is available. But what about hose users who need constant real-time tracking? The solution is found at 740 – 35 000 meters above the ground. In other words, real-time GPS tracking in the areas with weak cellular signal can be provided by devices with satellite terminal.

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Tachographs: new opportunities to work with DDD files

Tachograph data on driving and rest periods are to be provided to regulatory bodies from time to time. Usually DDD files can be downloaded from a driver card through a digital tachograph. But it’s not always possible.

Wialon offers ample opportunities to work with DDD files and online data on driver activity including remote downloading of DDD files from a driver card. Now we move on and release a new handy app for reading the driver card data through a USB card reader.

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Wialon Longs for Wireless

Satellite monitoring market is constantly evolving to place new challenges before hardware and software manufacturers. Moreover, when the solution is already found, we continue striving for ideals.

Temperature control in refrigerated trucks is so far the issue of current interest for any transportation company. By now wired temperature sensors were able to face the challenge, while installators were bound by cables and tired with time-consuming mounting procedures.     

In pursuit of simpler but equally effective solution wireless sensors were suggested with extended functionality available in Wialon.

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Wialon Video Monitoring: SmartWitness KP1 Review

The market of GPS tracking services is constantly expanding and tracking units on the map has already become everyday practice along with fuel level monitoring and accounting reports. Clients are aimed at comprehensive workforce management and control with the possibility to see company resources allocation with their own eyes. Considering the prevalence of high-speed mobile Internet and the reduction in prices for dash cameras we often face the necessity of video features integration into the GPS system.

For the purpose of remote video monitoring Gurtam developers integrated SmartWitness KP1 with Wialon system. In this article we’ll throw the light on KP1 testing and practical application.


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Wialon Focuses on Tachographs

While European companies already utilize tachographs to a full scale, the devices have become one of the trending topics in the Russian market of telematics.

By means of tachographs fleet managers get to know if drivers violate freight carriage and passenger transportation conditions or get behind a wheel after extensive trips. Drivers in their turn can control driving and rest periods on their own and show better abidance by traffic regulations and special requirements to restricted articles and passengers transportation. Tachographs allow you to control all the above mentioned parameters, store data on violations and transfer it to dispatch centers.

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How GPS Trackers work: Hardware Lesson 1

Gurtam team develops satellite tracking software, so we work with GPS/GLONASS equipment manufacturers. To share our experience, we’ve prepared a series of articles dedicated to GPS/GLONASS trackers. We are going to discuss classification and technical features of the trackers popular with Wialon users.

The first article addresses basic terms and definitions. You will learn what a GPS tracker is, how it works and what types of trackers are there on the market.


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