Gurtam Dubai Office Anniversary

It’s been one year since we launched the new Gurtam office in Dubai. Before we start celebrating the anniversary, let’s look back and remember those efforts done in 2016 for strengthening Wialon positions in the Middle East: new ambitious integrators in the Gulf Wialon community, the unique opportunity for Gurtam employees to try hand in the art of sales in Dubai, a lot of challenging projects implemented, participation in major local industry events, release of solutions designed for the local market – we’ve done our best to build trust in Wialon throughout the Arabian Peninsula. In just one year!

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Gurtam Launches the New Office in Latin America

Today we are excited to announce that Gurtam has officially launched the new office location in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over the last several years we have experienced substantial growth all over the Latin American region. Most of our efforts advancing Wialon in Latin America were done out of Boston-based office. To further support our growth in Latin American countries we will now have a physical location in the region with local support and sales personnel to ensure our local clients get as much support and attention as they need to effectively deliver Wialon-based telematics solutions to their end-user customers.

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Wialon Named a Finalist for CTIA E-Tech Awards 2016

We’re happy to announce Wialon made it to the final shortlist of CTIA E-Tech Awards! First held in 2006, the CTIA Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Awards honor the industry’s emerging, innovative and cutting-edge mobile services, solutions and technology. For the 10th year in a row, a select few will be given one of the industry’s highest honors by a panel of experts, media and analysts and celebrated at the awards ceremony at CTIA Super Mobility 2016 – the largest wireless event in America, where Gurtam traditionally takes part on September, 7-9.

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500 000 Units in Wialon Hosting

Gurtam is unstoppable. A final countdown to half a million monitoring units in Wialon Hosting is over, with 500 000th unit registered just recently. This is a new milestone for the company, the product and the team focused on the common goal.


Above all the factors stipulating our growth and development we value the support of Wialon community. That’s why we consider our partners to be men of the day. We are grateful to you for the effective business models bringing about new opportunities, for the ideas now being a part our system and for the extended geography of Wialon presence.

Today Gurtam office is flooded with anticipation, we break out the champagne and our leader is eager to perform before the team. It’s like Christmas where we get a common present – confidence in the effectiveness, reliability, flexibility of Wialon system and the identity of current business line.

As a result we are expecting a total number of units in Wialon system to reach 1 mln very soon. Which means one more matter of joy for us and the whole community.  

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The Fifth Element of Gurtam

As told by one of the most well-known Russian classics:

Vot i leto nastupaet, pomidory rastsvetayut.

The above may be loosely translated as “there’s nothing better for an IT-company, than to spend some time in the countryside”. These words led us to leave the city and spend some days off the beaten track.

After riding pirate ships and passing Gurtam’s “Identification” we experienced maximum inspiration to conquer all of the four elements. We traced the river on kayaks, enjoyed being on the firm ground after a 20-km race, went sky-high for another volleyball and chased fire with campfire songs. Paying homage to Luc Besson, we used eternal enthusiasm of our team as The Fifth Element.


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Yeah! The New Website Release

Gurtam team is constantly working to improve the company products. Now it comes to the new Gurtam website. For 8 years it served us faithfully, but time has come to give the website a new breath of life.

We are happy to present the updated We took the best of its forerunner, updated our product information, freshened up and simplified design to improve usability. Then again, it’s up to you to decide whether we’ve succeeded.



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Prepare for the Middle East: New Gurtam Office in Dubai

By the projections of ABI Research, the quantity of commercial telematic services users in Africa and the Middle East (MEA region) will grow from 1,82 mln in 2015 to 4 mln in 2020, indicating the annual average growth rate of 17%. Taking into account ever increasing volume of traffic in the region, it’s ranked among the most prospective for business development in the area of satellite monitoring, alongside with Latin America.

Economic growth and petroleum industry progress in the Middle East amplify the demand for fleet management and asset tracking technologies in various business domains, including cargo transportation, passenger transport, construction, taxi services, oil production and etc.

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