Save Your Money with the Machine Utilization Application by NAM system

Machine utilization (i.e. the effectiveness of machinery usage) is an important concept because if vehicles and machinery are not being used correctly and efficiently, operating costs are higher than they should be. Situations regularly occur when drivers leave machinery engines running without the machinery actually working (idling). Machinery is often operated without consideration of its efficient usage (excessive time taken to warm up engine, needless stop/starting, etc.)  Also, machinery is repeatedly left standing at one workplace with little or no performance though it could be more effectively used somewhere else.

nam (more…)

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Remote Tire Pressure Control in Wialon

Keeping your tires properly inflated and aligned saves fuel by reducing the amount of drag your engine must overcome. To detect under-inflated tires, you can use a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in your vehicle which informs a driver of any deviations in tire pressure. Yet the information on tire pressure is also vital for dispatchers, fleet owners, security department managers, etc.

To solve the issue, our partner KazInterSoft released an application Tire Pressure which allows for remote tire pressure control.

ure (more…)

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Wialon: agricultural solutions

Farming is changing. Equipment fleets are expanding. Costs are obviously rising. It is essential, therefore, to cope with factors that fleet managers everywhere are turning to the logistical advantages.

A modern agriculture company usually maintains a great number of fleets such as harvest technic, freight transport, fuellers and so on. The vast majority of total expenditures go to fuel and technical support costs.

Despite the fact that GPS tracking in agriculture sector is slightly different from traditional monitoring,  Wialon agricultural applications have been successfully advanced with regard to this great demand. Especially when it comes to the agricultural domain, where our system has been successfully in use for over 5 years already.



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Driving Logbook Application Update

Before we tell you about great Wialon Hosting updates, we’d like to share good news with you: Upon numerous requests from our European partners on Gurtam forum and several addresses sent to the company, we’ve improved Driving Logbook application.

For those not familiar with this helpful application, we’d like to remind that Driving Logbook is a handy tool which allows requesting a special tax report for trips. This report specifies the beginning and the end of the trip, its type (work/personal trip), initial and final position, duration, mileage data, etc. Besides, the columns, containing user notes, can be added to the report manually. All the changes, made by the user, are logged. This report can be printed and exported to file. (more…)

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Wialon GPS Tracking 1.3

UpdatedToday we’d like to remind you about our client’s software for vehicle tracking ‒ Wialon GPS Tracking app. The program is to be installed on user’s PC and simplifies the login to the GPS tracking system. With Wialon GPS Tracking app users can work with Wialon without any browsers. Just set the Wialon shortcut on your desktop or attach it to the Start menu. (more…)

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Wialon Mobile Application Update

With the latest and freshest updates of the Wialon Hosting we are happy to inform you of the updated Wialon Mobile Android application, already gaining a lot of active fans and download dynamics. And the updated iOS Wialon Mobile is about to come in a week.

The new Wialon mobile is steadily moving towards the full functionality of the Wialon Hosting PC version, thus expanding its possibilities by other useful enhancements. (more…)

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Tacho Manager and Tacho View

New Opportunities for Working with Tachographs

Tachograph regulations, aimed at helping to enforce the rules on driving periods and monitor the driving times of professional, have placed a great impact on the fleet management industry.

And since working with digital tachographs has secured the more accurate recording and storage of data, Gurtam has now developed the function of remote data download from tachographs to Wialon. A step further was the development of other 2 tools, aimed at improving the integrators’ work within one system.


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New features in Sensolator

We are happy to announce two great features that would make Sensolator, our app for fixed assets monitoring and management, even more popular among users and service providers.

Now we have the possibility to run and browse through analytic reports and charts within the application, and export them to PDF or Excel. (Report templates are still to to be created in Wialon).

fuel fillings

Second great feature we have to offer today is sending commands via Sensolator. Initially a command should be configured in Unit Properties, and than it will be available in Sensolator.

execute command

We will be happy to know your opinion on that update and your new ideas at our forum.

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Wialon Notify and Payment Portal Service by GPS7000

We never doubt that Gurtam partners are full of creativity and new ideas and almost every day we have a chance to make sure it’s true. So, today I want to show you another effective and very helpful app — Wialon Notify and Payment Portal Service — powered by our Latin American partner GPS7000.

The service solves the issue that is a headache of any tracking service provider — overdue payment renewals. GPS7000 using Wialon SDK has implemented a renewals reminder application along with a payment portal to automate all the account renewals obtaining information about units, units cost, days, emails, etc. SDK also allows to customize the reminding messages.

Wialon Notify and Payment Portal Service by GPS7000


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