Where to exhibit this year?

Would you describe the most effective way to increase sales and expand new markets? One would place emphasis on market analyses, product development, cost decrease and would be right in his own. Certainly, there’s a myriad of trusted ways, which may be of little value unless a customer has seen you in person.

Virtual sales are great factor, though personal communications are second-to-none to actually getting to know the players, who dominate the market. Therefore, a time-tested solution for all businesses would be to take part in exhibitions and get through to the customers directly.

The positive effect of product demonstration in public may and time-to-sale will depend on a range of factors, though must never be underrated!

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Wialon has conquered its 100th geography

Several years ago we celebrated the anniversary on adding the 50th country to our Wialon-driven community, thus signifying the adherence of GeoGPS from Georgia (former “United Security”), a now prominent integrator with his own Wialon-based applications and a myriad of expansion prospects on agenda. Besides, 2 years ago GeoGPS was the official host of the Gurtam partner conference in Georgia, which marked the business success they have achieved with us.

Today the occasion has grown in grandeur, bringing us the 100th country with 2 FMS players at the same time. Not without reason has Bosnia and Herzegovina with its contrasting political background become the right place to grow the Wialon-based telemetry by 2 different businesses.



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