Gurtam Maps: a Modern Wialon-based GIS Service

Today GIS (Geographic Information Services) technologies are widely utilized in a variety of applications. GIS services provide effective tools for scientific research, trade, management and are essential in telematics.

Wialon has a number of special features, including diverse cartography. Besides are own GIS service, the system supports many other mapping services used in tracking, such as Google Maps, Open Street Maps, HERE Maps, Bing Maps.

Our GIS service is called Gurtam Maps and was crafted exclusively for Wialon to suit the needs of our global customer base.

Gurtam Maps comes along with the standard Wialon Hosting package, so many of our users are quite familiar with the service. Wialon Local customers have an option to purchase the subscription to Gurtam Maps as well.

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Wialon Route Planner now available

For those familiar with Gurtam Maps app, which allows to search addresses using coordinates and key words, track the asset location on a map and apply different geocoding tools – we have now developed the new routing feature as another quality enhancement in Wialon.

This update will save you the time by optimising complex driving routes involving up to 10 different addresses, and provide a capability to indicate a route based on Gurtam Maps.



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Gurtam Maps strive for excellence

A long trip usually starts with words “I know a short route!” The updated Gurtam Maps will never let you get lost wherever you are! First time Gurtam Maps were presented in 2012 at the expo “Navitech”. Then there were implemented the two of the four designed maps’ subsystems – search system and reverse geocoding system.

Last year we started the development of the third Gurtam Maps subsystem – the drawing subsystem, about which I’d like to tell now. Today the drawing subsystem has been essentially improved.

First of all, the updated Gurtam Maps have obtained great geographic area drawing and pleasant color layout.
The updated Gurtam Maps first of all have obtained great geographic area display and pleasant color layout. (more…)

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