Wialon Classes in Guatemala

Valeria Cherkasova-04“He believed in me when no one else did”, “he hardly sleeps, leaves work after 8 PM to come back at 4-5 AM, because he cares… He cares about his employees and their families and feels great responsibility for us all”, “he is very humble: although he can afford a lot, he always wears a simple t-shirt” – these are the words about Henry Lewis, a founder of Transportes Logísticos (TLC) company, that we heard from of his employees.

Henry started his business 14 years ago with his wife and a couple of industry pioneers. Today it’s a large logistics company with the headquarters in Guatemala and more than 200 employees on staff. Each of them is committed to the common goal and is aimed to make the company better.

The company owns a big number of different trucks, including 10-, 20-ton trucks and eurotrucks, provides transportation services for their clients with a constantly growing client base due to excellent professional track record. (more…)

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