Wialon-TimoCom Cooperation: Providing Security for Carriers and Shippers

Wialon GPS tracking solutions are firmly established in the day-to-day business of the transport industry which, in turn, works hand-in-glove with freight and warehouse exchange. One of the leading European freight exchange market players is TimoCom. Gurtam teamed up with TimoCom in 2014, and for two years both companies have been working together to offer their customers something unique in terms of efficiency and security.

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International Telematics Tendencies. Gurtam Partners View

We have talked a lot about telematics trends in Russia and CIS countries, in USA and Latin America. Now it is a high time we considered the telematics market of the rest of the world. The viewpoints of those players who actually work in the sphere are the most valuable as they are faced with all the difficulties and receive real profits from their activity.

We have interviewed a large number of Gurtam partners from the Middle East, East and South Africa and Asia on the regional telematics trends, the most profitable business solutions and the challenges they come across in the course of their work.

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Wialon Classes in Guatemala

Valeria Cherkasova-04“He believed in me when no one else did”, “he hardly sleeps, leaves work after 8 PM to come back at 4-5 AM, because he cares… He cares about his employees and their families and feels great responsibility for us all”, “he is very humble: although he can afford a lot, he always wears a simple t-shirt” – these are the words about Henry Lewis, a founder of Transportes Logísticos (TLC) company, that we heard from of his employees.

Henry started his business 14 years ago with his wife and a couple of industry pioneers. Today it’s a large logistics company with the headquarters in Guatemala and more than 200 employees on staff. Each of them is committed to the common goal and is aimed to make the company better.

The company owns a big number of different trucks, including 10-, 20-ton trucks and eurotrucks, provides transportation services for their clients with a constantly growing client base due to excellent professional track record. (more…)

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HOS/ELD solution is available on Wialon

There are many advantages to using a telematics system – from maximizing the utilization of your fleet to controlling and reducing maintenance costs to comply with government regulations. The latter is especially important in the US and Canada, where Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been working on finalizing the Electronic Logging Devices regulation for quite some time. Current expectation is that the final rule will be finalized before the end of 2015 and the fleets will have two years to comply and completely switch from paper-based logs to electronic logs.



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How do they promote Wialon?

At the end of August Gurtam marketing department launched a research aimed at assessing marketing opportunities of our partners. Once again Gurtam success depended on its partners and once again they proved to be the ones we can rely on. Overall the research involved 35 representatives of Western European countries. Those partners who have not yet managed to fill in the research form, still have a chance to do it.

The results of the study contributed to better understanding of our partners worldwide and will serve as a basis for future marketing support of Gurtam community members.

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Wialon: agricultural solutions

Farming is changing. Equipment fleets are expanding. Costs are obviously rising. It is essential, therefore, to cope with factors that fleet managers everywhere are turning to the logistical advantages.

A modern agriculture company usually maintains a great number of fleets such as harvest technic, freight transport, fuellers and so on. The vast majority of total expenditures go to fuel and technical support costs.

Despite the fact that GPS tracking in agriculture sector is slightly different from traditional monitoring,  Wialon agricultural applications have been successfully advanced with regard to this great demand. Especially when it comes to the agricultural domain, where our system has been successfully in use for over 5 years already.



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Wialon has conquered its 100th geography

Several years ago we celebrated the anniversary on adding the 50th country to our Wialon-driven community, thus signifying the adherence of GeoGPS from Georgia (former “United Security”), a now prominent integrator with his own Wialon-based applications and a myriad of expansion prospects on agenda. Besides, 2 years ago GeoGPS was the official host of the Gurtam partner conference in Georgia, which marked the business success they have achieved with us.

Today the occasion has grown in grandeur, bringing us the 100th country with 2 FMS players at the same time. Not without reason has Bosnia and Herzegovina with its contrasting political background become the right place to grow the Wialon-based telemetry by 2 different businesses.



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Award-winning “32 Shades of Belarusian”

We are sure many of you still remember our video that we made involving partners from 32 countries of the world. We were surprised that people completely unfamiliar with our language and culture were eager to read lines of the poem “Dze moj kraj?” (“Where is my Motherland?”) of the famous Belarusian writer Vladimir Karatkevich. Suprisingly, they did it with style!

Enjoy this stunning multinational video once again:


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CeBIT 2015: China in Germany

Yulia_SadovskayaWednesday morning after the tiring week of CeBIT, in the warm coziness of the Minsk office, it’s time to look back and conjure up the memories from the previous week’s amazing technological trade-show.

Having never been to Hannover before, I was expecting it would be no way different from a bunch of other small cities spread across Germany. Alas! Every March the city becomes an immense international playground for digital innovation, which sends an impulse all around the world, transforming the global IT domains, and leaving practically no question unanswered.


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