Wialon Hosting 1701 Update

January has been very productive for us in terms of advancing Wialon GPS tracking and fleet management system. Gurtam developers have been continuously working upon new Wialon Hosting features, and it’s high time we shared the results. Probably, many of you have already tested the new functionality in Wialon Hosting beta-version. We’d like to thank active and involved Wialon users for their feedback which helped us update the stable Wialon Hosting version with really in-demand and thoroughly tested features. Let us introduce Wialon Hosting 1701.

Wialon_update_1701-02 (more…)

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Wialon Hosting 1216 Update

New Year fever is gaining momentum with queues bringing us back to Black Friday shopping madness. But there are things you can’t buy, even with you MasterCard. This kind of present you get from Gurtam team on New Year’s Eve. So get ready for Wialon Hosting 1216 Update. This time again the system is supplemented with brand new features and those recently made available in Beta-version. And if you were the first to try them, now can you can be the pioneer to put the new functions into practice.   

wialon_12_16_blog_en (more…)

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New Charts in Reports

We develop the system capable to address any challenge and ready to face the emerging issues in the market of modern telematics. Advanced system functionality demands equally high user-friendliness. If you ask what is superior – functionality or design – we answer with the updated charts with their visual capabilities extending system functionality.

Charts in reports allow you to assess the effectiveness of micro- and macroelements of the system with no need to review an array of tabular data. The more information is available from the charts and the more convenient it is to handle the data, the faster you can perform and take key decisions.   

img7E (more…)

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Wialon Hosting 0912

No sooner had December come to power that we have so much to occupy ourselves with: humming “Let it snow” song, writing letters to Santa or preparing to become Mr. Claus for the ones who still believe. Gurtam team is among the latter preparing presents and has already prepared Wialon Hosting update that will reach our partners a little bit earlier.

DECEMBER (more…)

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Wialon Hosting 1611 Update

Autumn is nearly over. Things change – weather, mood, trends. But one thing remains unchanged – Wialon Hosting monthly update. Despite autumn melancholy, Gurtam team continues working for the community to be pleased with the advancements in system functions and design.

Gurtam team is excited to watch partners achieve success by continuously adding connections to their Wialon accounts. With that there are also more demanding requirements for the tracking system.

We are grateful to you for sound ideas, coming in from our forum. Your suggestions allowed us to implement some very interesting advancements in the latest 1611 update.

bullpinch (more…)

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