Beyond GSM: Satellite Connectivity in Wialon

GPS tracking has become a common thing in the modern world:  thousands of companies use GPS hardware to monitor transport location, speed, fuel consumption and other parameters. Absolute majority of GPS devices use GPRS for transmitting data to tracking systems’ servers. Despite the rapid development of telecommunication technologies, cellular connection still does not cover the whole globe.

To get around the issue, some opt for a “black box” recorder of GPS trackers: it stores the data on unit movement and transmit it to the server as soon as cellular network is available. But what about hose users who need constant real-time tracking? The solution is found at 740 – 35 000 meters above the ground. In other words, real-time GPS tracking in the areas with weak cellular signal can be provided by devices with satellite terminal.

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Join Gurtam in Dubai: Partner meeting prior to GITEX 2016

Traditionally, October’s been one of the hottest months for Gurtam, for we once again participate in GITEX Technology Week – the major ICT expo in MEA region. The event will take place on October 16-20 in Dubai World Trade Center. This year GITEX is reimagining realities with new sectors: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, Smart Living and Digital Marketing.


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Tachographs: new opportunities to work with DDD files

Tachograph data on driving and rest periods are to be provided to regulatory bodies from time to time. Usually DDD files can be downloaded from a driver card through a digital tachograph. But it’s not always possible.

Wialon offers ample opportunities to work with DDD files and online data on driver activity including remote downloading of DDD files from a driver card. Now we move on and release a new handy app for reading the driver card data through a USB card reader.

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Wialon Named a Finalist for CTIA E-Tech Awards 2016

We’re happy to announce Wialon made it to the final shortlist of CTIA E-Tech Awards! First held in 2006, the CTIA Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Awards honor the industry’s emerging, innovative and cutting-edge mobile services, solutions and technology. For the 10th year in a row, a select few will be given one of the industry’s highest honors by a panel of experts, media and analysts and celebrated at the awards ceremony at CTIA Super Mobility 2016 – the largest wireless event in America, where Gurtam traditionally takes part on September, 7-9.

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From Beijing to Paris: making the journey with Wialon

Retro-Moto Challenge “Peking to Paris” (“Peking” is the old English spelling for Beijing) is one of the most renowned events amongst vintage and classic car owners worldwide. In 2016, it’s been held for the 6th time since the first rally of that name took place back in 1907. This year, 115 cars in 2 categories — “Vintageant” (pre-1941 models) and “Classic” (in production before 1975) — started their journey from the Great Wall, 47 miles northwest from Beijing, on June 12th. After covering more than 10000 miles of Asian and then European roads, they crossed the finish line in Place Vendome, Paris, on July 17th.

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500 000 Units in Wialon Hosting

Gurtam is unstoppable. A final countdown to half a million monitoring units in Wialon Hosting is over, with 500 000th unit registered just recently. This is a new milestone for the company, the product and the team focused on the common goal.


Above all the factors stipulating our growth and development we value the support of Wialon community. That’s why we consider our partners to be men of the day. We are grateful to you for the effective business models bringing about new opportunities, for the ideas now being a part our system and for the extended geography of Wialon presence.

Today Gurtam office is flooded with anticipation, we break out the champagne and our leader is eager to perform before the team. It’s like Christmas where we get a common present – confidence in the effectiveness, reliability, flexibility of Wialon system and the identity of current business line.

As a result we are expecting a total number of units in Wialon system to reach 1 mln very soon. Which means one more matter of joy for us and the whole community.  

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Wialon Longs for Wireless

Satellite monitoring market is constantly evolving to place new challenges before hardware and software manufacturers. Moreover, when the solution is already found, we continue striving for ideals.

Temperature control in refrigerated trucks is so far the issue of current interest for any transportation company. By now wired temperature sensors were able to face the challenge, while installators were bound by cables and tired with time-consuming mounting procedures.     

In pursuit of simpler but equally effective solution wireless sensors were suggested with extended functionality available in Wialon.

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