Wialon Enters e-Healthcare

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 6 in 10 people with dementia will wander. The disorientation, caused by the disease, makes even familiar surroundings become unfamiliar, causing people to wander and get into dangerous situations that can lead to serious injury or death. Searching for people suffering from dementia or other conditions affecting their cognitive abilities is especially challenging. Unlike with a missing child, they often don’t comprehend that they are lost and won’t ask for help or respond to someone calling their name. They also sometimes take shelter in out-of-the-way places and, in tragic cases, are found dead just meters from their homes.

There are many methods and services one can use to keep the loved ones with Alzheimer safe, but tracking technology is becoming an increasingly popular option for caregivers. And we’re extremely glad our partner GPSER from Sweden is involved in such important projects.


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Wialon Hosting 1116 Update

The last month of autumn can definitely freeze us, but will never freeze continuous advancements of Wialon Hosting. Wialon Beta-version is regularly supplemented by new functions, and every user can be among the first to test them and leave comments. This is how we advance our system together. November Update 1116 constitutes not only brand new updates, but also the functionality, available in Wialon Beta-verison throughout October:

  • Passengers module
  • New resource creation mechanism in CMS Manager
  • Dynamic unit/geofence filters in Jobs and Notifications
  • Browser notifications in Wialon
  • What3words integration
  • Autowidth support in messages panel



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Wialon Serves the Purpose of Ras al-Khaimah

Country by country Wialon conquers the world with one simple approach: whenever there’s a problem there must be a solution. Customized solutions for the UAE region and flexible system configuration allow our partners to afford almost any large scale project, be it commercial or governmental.

By actively promoting Wialon in the region Creation Heavy Equipment Trading, a reliable Gurtam partner in the UAE, won a contract to implement a project for the Government of Ras al-Khaimah bringing together what Wialon does best – real-time tracking and fuel control.  

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Save Your Money with the Machine Utilization Application by NAM system

Machine utilization (i.e. the effectiveness of machinery usage) is an important concept because if vehicles and machinery are not being used correctly and efficiently, operating costs are higher than they should be. Situations regularly occur when drivers leave machinery engines running without the machinery actually working (idling). Machinery is often operated without consideration of its efficient usage (excessive time taken to warm up engine, needless stop/starting, etc.)  Also, machinery is repeatedly left standing at one workplace with little or no performance though it could be more effectively used somewhere else.

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My.gurtam.com for Gurtam Partners

Dear partners, now it’s a good time for this marvellous new launch!

Gurtam is getting more and more engaged in making its information and various activities transparent to its partners. The bigger the company is, the more interactions need to be carried out between Gurtam and our representatives in regions. This has sponsored the development of the new tool to become the platform for seamless communication between Gurtam and its partners.

My.gurtam.com will enable transparency in several different domains: account administration, technical and commercial updates available, important news and notifications, response and feedback.

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