School buses monitoring with Wialon

Children safety is a top priority for parents. Unfortunately, only a few can afford to drive children to school or to pick them up after classes. Therefore, school buses are becoming a more preferable, yet not the safest type of commuting for a number of regions. With safety issues requiring more and more attention from city municipalities in various regions, our partners are coming up with a cure. To ensure child safety today, Wialon-based school bus tracking systems are coming to the fore.


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Wialon Hosting 1216 Update

New Year fever is gaining momentum with queues bringing us back to Black Friday shopping madness. But there are things you can’t buy, even with you MasterCard. This kind of present you get from Gurtam team on New Year’s Eve. So get ready for Wialon Hosting 1216 Update. This time again the system is supplemented with brand new features and those recently made available in Beta-version. And if you were the first to try them, now can you can be the pioneer to put the new functions into practice.   

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Public Transportation: from tracking to management

The value of public transport for any state can hardly be overestimated. Constant route network monitoring, traffic flow tracking and routes update to assure high-level transportation service – these are priority measures for public transportation improvement.  The sphere of public transportation demands precise control of transport performance and its specific parameters which are often not provided by the functionality of an average fleet management system. What’s more, a range of parameters to control is defined by local regulations and requirements.

Several years ago our partner from Kazakhstan – KazIntersoft – came up with public transport management and reporting system, developed on the basis of Wialon SDK.



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3 Ways to Control Temperature with Wialon

Most of consumer goods are transported by land. Our partners mastered the whole process of ground transportation, from fuel control to driving behavior and tacho data analysis. But that doesn’t seem to be enough – businesses more and more often perform refrigerated transportations of special categories of goods where temperature conditions are critical (chemical products, medications, flowers and perishable subsistence).    

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Gurtam Becomes SigFox Certified Partner

The Internet of Things has sufficiently shifted the nature of connected devices, creating the dominant niche for low-power wide area network (LPWAN) technologies. These solutions are ideal for devices that need to send smaller amounts of data over long ranges, with particular constraints around power consumption – and at comparatively lower costs.

Given the immediate need for LPWAN in IoT deployments, Sigfox is one of the biggest names in the game. With over 7 million devices registered in its network and a footmark on all geographies, the provider is rapidly boosting its global network delivering energy-efficient connectivity for a multitude of connected devices. After France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, Ireland is the sixth European country to complete full SIGFOX network coverage. Sigfox is now spreading fast to New Zealand and Australia enabling these geographies by 25  and 80% respectively with its connectivity.

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Gurtam Launches the New Office in Latin America

Today we are excited to announce that Gurtam has officially launched the new office location in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over the last several years we have experienced substantial growth all over the Latin American region. Most of our efforts advancing Wialon in Latin America were done out of Boston-based office. To further support our growth in Latin American countries we will now have a physical location in the region with local support and sales personnel to ensure our local clients get as much support and attention as they need to effectively deliver Wialon-based telematics solutions to their end-user customers.

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