Most Creative Ways of Using Wialon

With this article we start the whole series, dedicated to creative use of Wialon. Let’s share the experience and, maybe, you will be able not only to learn something new, but also to receive some hints, which will help you to design your own unique solutions.

It’s a matter of common knowledge that the major Gurtam’s solution, Wialon, is a very convenient and multifunctional software platform, designed for GPS tracking and fleet management. But the question is what other applications of this effective solution are available?

To explore this intriguing issue we asked some of our partners to provide the examples of Wialon application in different spheres. Harm S. Rutgers, PowerTrace (the Netherlands), and Wolfgang Busch, MyCarControl (Germany), Gurtam silver partners, willingly shared the experience.

PowerTrace is a company, providing modern fleet Information management solutions. Harm S. Rutgers, CEO of PowerTrace, gave us some vivid examples of innovative approach to Wialon use.

Cooling unit for blood storageOne of PowerTrace’s customers in South Africa, which specializes in electronic solutions for machinery and equipment, faced with the issue of monitoring special cooling units for blood storage in remote hospitals. But the major problem was that the electricity was not constantly available and the customer wanted to monitor the cooling independently from the electrical power.

A special solar powered unit, equipped with Teltonika FM4200 GPS-tracker and a battery backup, was designed for this purpose. It measures the temperature inside the cooling unit and sends the data to Wialon Pro servers. For other remote locations they designed a special electronic circuit that switches on the FM4200 for a short while, but long enough to send all the measured data to the servers. This solution significantly reduced the power consumption of the Teltonika FM4200.

Harm S. Rutgers, CEO of PowerTrace, mentioned: “Wialon Pro ensures that in case of power down the responsible persons get an alarm, all events are stored, and the most important is that the blood is now stored under the better conditions than before and the quality is significantly improved”.

Cooling truck, equipped with GPS-tracking deviceAnother interesting example of Wialon use not for GPS-tracking purposes is wireless temperature monitoring solutions. PowerTrace needed a solution for tracking cooling trucks transporting bakery products to the main supermarkets of the Netherlands. They have already used Wialon Pro solution for this purposes, but recently emerged the demand for temperature monitoring. According to the new EU regulations bakery products transportation should be performed with cooling trucks and the temperature data need to be registered. PowerTrace’s customer (the bakery’s), when sending the invoice to the supermarkets, need to prove that they had delivered the bakery products in time, under good temperature conditions and before the supermarkets’ opening. In case of failure to be in time they can be left unpaid or get a penalty.

PowerTrace and Imap-Telematics, the company from Poland, specializing in GPS tracking hardware, together developed a solution for wireless multi-sensor temperature monitoring. They used the iBeacon V3 GPS-tracker, iProbe transceiver and equipped cooling trailers with 3 Dallas 1820 temperature sensors, which provided a good and accurate view on temperature conditions. Harm S. Rutgers admitted: «With these wireless temperature monitoring and the special configuration of Wialon Pro the customer is able to prove that the bakery products where delivered under perfect conditions and in due time».

MyCarControl, our silver partner in Germany, also provided us with some new examples of Wialon use in other M2M applications. Wolfgang Busch, co-owner and chief technical officer of the company, shared the information.

Street cleaning car in Gera, GermanyMyCarControl has recently started an interesting project together with its customer, public utility company of Gera, Germany, which faced with a particular problem and wanted to find a solution for automatic calculation and charging of cleaned sidewalks and streets. According to the new law the customer needed to report the work of all city cleaning cars. And it posed a real problem, because nobody knew how is it possible to avoid complicated documentation and make comprehensive report without filling in thousands of papers every day. All possible kinds of reports should have been prepared, providing the daily information about what distance was cleaned by a particular car, including the quantity of water (in summer) and salt (in winter) used by each car.

ReportDue to Wialon it became possible: the heavy street cleaning car was equipped with a VT310 GPS-tracker, connected to ignition and the water scrubber, and MyCarControl configured a report, which calculates the driven meters/kilometers in the necessary city zones only if water scrubber was enabled. The customer was happy with the provided solution and in the near future they are planning to equip more than 50 cars.

Wolfgang Busch mentioned: «Total time of thinking how to solve this special problem – 3 hours. Total time of Wialon platform configuring – 5 minutes. Total
time of testing after configuration – many hours. Total need of changes after configuration – 0 – it just works!»

Snow Bully, cleaning ski trails in AltenbergOne more creative way of using Wialon was invented in Altenberg tourism region which is one of the famous regions for cross-country skiing in Germany. Altenberg ski resort uses 4 Snow Bully to prepare the cross-country ski trails. As a service for their touristic guests they wanted to show which trails have already been prepared in the morning and which are still unavailable. All trails are under normal conditions cleaned between 05:00 AM and 11:00 AM, so early in the morning sportsmen do not know which of the trails are already prepared for usage and which are not. All this information is displayed on an interactive map, which makes the information available to skiers, who can receive the necessary data using their smartphone. So now they can just click to and see at the map which areas are available. The map shows all the tracks and their status: all the cleaned tracks are marked with green indicators, and those which are still unavailable –with red ones.

Map, showing available ski trailsHow does the system works? If Snow Bully enters the required trail, which represents a particular geofence, a notification is sent via e-mail. If it leaves the geofence, another notification is sent via e-mail. It is also possible to arrange additional control points. Tracks are reset automatically every night at 01:00. This solution required some additional software development, made with SDK module of Wialon, which scans the e-mails and set corresponding flags on Altenberg website.

According to Wolfgang Busch: «Total time of thinking how to solve this special problem – 2 days (with visiting Altenberg and driving in the morning at 05:00 AM for 4 hours at -15 degrees), total time of Wialon platform configuring – 20 Minutes (mostly adding geofences), total time of testing after configuration – 30 Minutes, total need of changes after configuration – 0».

As you can see, these are only several examples of Wialon use not only for GPS-tracking, but for different M2M applications. Much more applications are still available. Stay creative and Wialon will help you to cope with absolutely different tasks and solve many problems.

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